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Rod Stewart gets in with Perth’s The Bunch

Sunday 05 February, 2012

He hasn’t been in a radio studio, anywhere on the planet, for ten years. But last week, Rod Stewart chose to break his decade long habit and talk to Mix 94.5’s The Bunch about his 2012 ‘The Hits’ tour.

The veteran rocker spoke to Fred, Lisa & Paul about his tour so far, his toy trains, and how he keeps looking fit. He had plenty to say.

“We had 40 - 50,000 in Hyde Park and I’m also doing Vegas now, which I’m thoroughly enjoying, at Caesar’s Palace,” he said. “It’s just wonderful. People have this thing of Las Vegas, they remember it like it used to be with Elvis, and people having dinner and watching the show. It’s not like that anymore at all.  It’s tremendous, it’s the best theatre in the world to see a show, so I’m busy.”


“There’s about 12 songs that I do have to play: Maggie May, Do You Think I’m Sexy, Tonight’s The Night, Hot Legs, it goes on and on. I want to please the audience but I want to please myself too. The audience come first; it is a hit show.


“It is a very lively show, there’s 15 in the band, 6 women, a record I’d imagine. We did a show in Paris the other night, and the promoter, as we came off, said ‘oh! Sexy band’ so I call my band now, ‘sexy band’, ” said Stewart.

When Fred commented on his trim shape, Stewart blushed and said “I do work at it, I was in the gym this morning. I play in California in a vet’s league, so over 50’s. When I say vet’s league people think its people who look after dogs and cats.”

Stewart also opened up about his family, saying he was “honoured” to be blessed with so many children.

“At my age I’m so honoured to have a year-old,” he said. “He’ll be a year when we’re in Sydney. He’s just bonny. They’ll be all here tomorrow, they all come in tomorrow. There’s eight kids altogether. It’s hard work keeping them all happy, you’ve got to be eight different dads because they’re all different ages!”

Stewart admitted that despite its conflict with his rock star image, he’d always loved train-sets.

“It’s a wonderful hobby,” he said. “A lot of people snigger at it, but it’s no different from collecting stamps or reading a book. I take it on the road with me, I have great big trunks full of stuff and I build projects. I build a building and it’s strange when room service come up and see a dining table full of tools and paints and bits of wood,” said Stewart.

“Like ‘shouldn’t you be throwing our television off the balcony? What are you doing?’,” Lisa joked.

Laughing, Stewart responded:, “When I was in the Faces and I was throwing televisions out the window, I was still building model railways I just kept it quiet. And now I’m old enough to come out with it, I’ve come out the closet.”


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