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Richard Wilkins phones in traffic report to Encore 96.3 FM Bundaberg

Wednesday 14 February, 2018
Richard Wilkins
But instead reviews the Stephen Soderbergh film, Traffic.

Joining Fitzy & Wippa in the Nova 969 studios, smoothfm's Richard Wilkins was asked to call the Bundaberg community station with a traffic report.

'We said "mate, can you ring a radio station and say that you've got traffic, and give a movie review of the film Traffic".' Fitzy explained. 

'Hello, is this traffic?' asks Wilkins.
'You've called Encore comunity radio.'
'Have you seen Traffic?'
'Traffic coming into Bundaberg?'
'I've seen Traffic ... the acting is brilliant all around ... Traffic .... I give it FOUR STARS.'
'Who's calling?'
'It's Richard Wilkins, here on Nova.'
'I'll pass that on to our listners. We're just a wee community station here in Bundaberg. Thank you very much for that, very impressive.'

Listen below.


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Eugene Delargy
17 February 2018 - 2:53am
We need the follow up interview with the lady from Encore FM, who is she and what does she think of it now?

Note to Nova, keep calling the little community stations, these are people who are passionate about their music and keeping their little station on the air. For some, it's all consuming, the only passtime they have.
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