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Remember this name, Bond...

Thursday 12 November, 2015

They call him Bond, Caleb Bond.
Australia’s aspiring talk back announcer and at age just 16 he has some pretty good credentials.
“…about this time last year I became interested in print and it presented itself as something far more accessible as an entry point to the media than radio. I asked around to try to find out how to get into writing. Early this year I penned a piece and decided I’d send it to The Advertiser and see what they said. They ran it and I’ve had occasional columns in The Advertiser and Daily Telegraph since.

"As a result, I’ve been lucky enough to have the opportunity to appear on 2GB, Triple J and a number of other stations as a commentator. I also do a weekly editorial for my mate Blake Danilczak on his Yass FM community radio show News Night.”
On Facebook you are sharing links to chats you are having, even KiiS with Kyle and Jackie O - what are they about?
“Much the same content as my columns. We talk politics, news, current affairs and the like. Kyle & Jackie O are obviously a bit lighter, but it’s all about having fun.”
 When I first met you, we chatted briefly about your studies - you're quite advanced aren't you in the ol' brains department?
“Look, I don’t like to make judgements about my own intelligence. I’ll leave that to others. I have just finished Year 12 at 16, so that might answer the question.”
Do you have a mentor?
“There are many people who’ve helped me and to whom I am very grateful. Ben Fordham has done a hell of a lot for me. Jeremy Cordeaux, a true gentleman of the industry, has also been very supportive and I’m glad to call him a friend. In print, people like Miranda Devine and now Liberal candidate for Boothby Nicolle Flint have been fantastic mentors. It’s fantastic to think that people who’ve achieved great success, who could just as easily snub me, are willing to open the door and sit down for a chat when some 16-year-old boy comes knocking.”

Remember the name Bond, Caleb Bond.​

Kim Napier

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