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Radio wins Share of Ear

Friday 30 May, 2014

Radio delivers a more human connection than other media and is the leader in “share of ear” according to the first AudienScope behavioural insights research, released today by Australia’s new radio audience measurement provider, GfK.

AudienScope is a national online survey of radio behaviour, providing context and additional perspective to the Australian radio ratings.  The research will be released quarterly and involves 5,000 respondents per year. 

Believed to be the first quarterly behavioural study as part of an ongoing media audience measurement contract, it is a new initiative from GfK.   While the radio ratings provide data on “who” is listening to “what”, AudienScope looks at the reasons “why” by delving deeper into listening behaviour. 

Key findings from AudienScope Q1, 2014 include:

  • Radio is ranked first (ahead of TV, Digital, and Print Media) on keeping listeners company, relaxing them, making them feel good, and helping them to concentrate.
  • “Share of Ear” shows radio captures 66% of listening, compared to music streaming (e.g. Pandora, Spotify, and iTunes radio) on 8%, and music collections at 25%.
  • In a typical week, radio reaches 93% of younger people (under 25s). 
  • 43% of under 25s are likely to interact with their favourite radio station (the highest of any age group).

The figures tell a good story for the radio industry, which is once again proving resilient in the face of technological challenges.

Nearly 12 million radio enabled devices were sold in Australia last year, with the average time spent listening to radio being 18 hours and 9 minutes per week.

For advertisers, radio is equal first with TV in generating a “more positive opinion of the advertiser.”

People are exposed to advertisements in their entirety more frequently on radio.

Countering myths that young people don't listen to radio any more, the research found that, in a typical week, radio reaches 93% of younger people under 25.

The research takes into account all radio enabled devices, such as phones, computers and tablets, not just traditional radio sets. It combines the radio ratings data from Survey 2 this year with GfK's AudienScope research and GfK sales data.

See more infographics below (click the pics to enlarge).

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30 May 2014 - 5:57pm
I listen more than probably anyone else to radio each week and probably average about 13 hours a day of listening.I don't think many people would listen as much to radio as this.
From Jono and Ben and Sunny
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