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More lies in New Idea. Why do they come up with these lies: Kyle and Jackie

Wednesday 17 July, 2019

Kyle and Jackie are about to split... if you believe New Idea.

The unreliable gossip magazine has made up another story, reporting this week:

"They’re Australia’s most successful radio duo co-hosting their popular breakfast show for almost 20 years.

But it seems Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O Henderson may be about to call time on their on-air relationship."

 But it's not true according to Kyle and Jackie, who slammed the article on air, saying:

Jackie: “So according to New Idea, I’m done with you. I’m so over you. Can’t handle you and you’ve pushed me to breaking point..."

Kyle: “More lies in the New Idea. Why do they come up with these lies?... I like this, I Don’t Care, Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber. This is what I feel about the New Idea article. Don’t care, ‘coz you’re full of sh*t,” 

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Anthony The Koala
18 July 2019 - 6:22am
This is not about Kyle and Jackie O. Rather it is a comment on magazines which report sensational stories about relationships of celebrities, relationships between famous couples and the 'goings on' in any royal family.

The patterns I have observed are the stories have sensational headlines at the front of the magazine, and the stories have no more than two to four columns accompanied by large photos where the large photos may bear no relation to the alleged reported story.

The types of stories are: (i) a celebrity or sporting couple's marriage on the rocks, yet they're happily married, (ii) a story about a tit-for-tat of a member of any Royal Family arguing or making an adverse opinion about another member of any Royal family. Those stories may go on for several months. It may even include the story of a celebrity who changed his/her actual name or altering his/her age making out that the person is bad. So what? Lots of celebrities have a showbiz name, authors have a nom de plume and even well known musicians have changed their names as the authors of particular compositions.

These magazines seem to have lost their moral compass. What ever happened to "thou shalt not bear false witness against God"? Publications purportedly telling stories about famous people and lying about these famous people and readers gossiping about these stories is not healthy.

To put the issue in context, these publications were once reporting the news and goings on of famous people without being sensational or rude. They used to have personal advice columns for readers' own issues. Today it is lying in order to make money.

Furthermore, these magazines are unlike those satirical and sensational publications such as "Weekly World News", formerly hard copy now online and the "Betoota Advocate". With these publications, we know that they are satirical and/or sensational and expect these to be works of fiction.

Thank you,
Anthony of really exciting Belfield
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