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Melissa Doyle, podcast hosts and inspiring stories from FNQ feature in new podcasts

Friday 26 March, 2021

New and upcoming podcasts include inspiring stories from CQU, Melissa Doyle’s Powerful Story and a new series called Podcast Host Revealed

A new in-house podcast from CQUniversity Australia is helping guide listeners in transforming lives, as people with big dreams share their stories of taking a life-changing plunge.
How to Change a Life launched earlier this month, and its creators say the project aims to inspire people left uncertain about life and careers in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.
The podcast hears from global industry leaders, and passionate locals transforming lives around them, with stories centred in Cairns, Rockhampton, Bundaberg, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, and internationally.
In the latest episode, Cairns 21-year-old Caitlin Peacock explains how a car crash, and subsequent time in prison, prompted her career dream of helping people as a paramedic.
Four Alumni of the Year recipients also share their stories, and the series also hears from global leaders at Deloitte and GHD, researchers exploring ways to improve mental and physical health, and high-profile Australians making a national impact.
Director of Strategic Engagement Chris Veraa says he’s proud to see the in-house podcast share inspiring stories from across CQUniversity. “We know at CQUniversity our accessible and inclusive education and research help change lives every day.
“It’s really compelling to hear about some of those life-changing decisions, first-hand from the people who made them, and then to explore the career and life journeys that follow.”
How to Change a Life is hosted by Communications team member Mary Bolling, and the podcast’s soundtrack is created by alumnus and Cairns creative Tristan Barton.

Melissa Doyle, smoothfm weekend announcer and the former host of Seven Network’s Sunrise and Sunday Night programs, is the latest high-profile guest to step behind the Powerful Stories podcast microphone with Powerful Step’s CEO Tory Archbold and she doesn’t hold back.
Doyle reveals to Archbold her innermost personal thoughts and emotions following her departure from Seven after 25 years; the stories that touched her heart and will stay with her forever; recognition of the different woman she is today and what the next exciting chapter in life holds for her.
Archbold says “Our stories have the power to shape us and we have the power to shape our stories. Melissa is a professional storyteller and now she is using her storytelling power to reintroduce herself to the world.”

Piccolo Podcasts and Media will launch a brand-new original series, called Podcast Host Revealed, on Monday 29th March.
Hosted by founder of Piccolo Podcasts, Andrew Menczel, each episode focuses on one of the hosts from the variety of official Apple Podcasting categories to unveil what it takes to be a successful podcast host.
The series will launch with Walkley Award Nominated journalist, Ruby Jones, from Schwartz Media’s daily news podcast, 7am.
Menczel says, “Podcasting is such a booming industry that continues to grow and grow. I’m really excited to show just how diverse and broad the industry has become. From Dungeons and Dragons to nail biting true crime, to short stories to help your kids brush their teeth - there’s really a podcast for everything out there, and I plan on talking to as many of these hosts as possible!"
Future guests include Emmet Nichols of Impromptunes for the comedy category, Ted Richards of the Richards Report for business, George Sargent of The Convo for Education with more to be announced.
Season one is produced by Holly Mitchell and will launch on Monday 29th March with episodes will be released weekly.



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Anthony The Koala
27 March 2021 - 11:11pm
I have been to the site mentioned in this article at .

I have downloaded a podcast. When I played the mp3 file on my media player, I was expecting to see at least an image of the entity producing the podcast, the CQU and the website of of the podcast

Generally one downloads a podcast from the ABC or 2GB, the mp3 file incorporates meta-data such as the publisher, the website, the personality. Also incorporated in the mp3 file is the entity and personality and the topic.

For example, if I go to RN's "This Working Life" as at 27-03-2021 and download any of their programs, I will get (i) the mp3 file, (ii) when I playback the mp3 file on my media player, I see the name of the program and the program provider. Then (iii) in the meta-information within the file, usually sourced by right-clicking the file and selecting "Properties", I will see the title and program ID and source ID.

One may well ask why does one concern about meta-information on an mp3 file? Excellent question I say. If you downloaded a program from a site and then want to download more programs at a later date, it reminds the listener where to source their next episode.

Unfortunately, such information is not included in any mp3 file downloaded from the CSQ site at

In sum, the podcast producer should attach meta-information to the particular podcast including the name of the entity, the name of the program, and the name of the particular podcast,

Thank you,
Anthony of dynamic, thinking and sensible Belfield, whose local pub once employed a singing barmaid.

Anthony The Koala
28 March 2021 - 1:52am
Further to my comment on USQ podcasts, I went to Nova's "Powerful Stories" podcast hosted by Tory Archbold at .

I successfully downloaded some of the podcasts and look forward to more podcasts by Tory Archbold.

There is one question:

How can these podcasts be monetised given that the products' advertisements at the start and end of the podcast are not directed to my needs or people that I know and that one can edit out the advertisements?

Thank you,
Anthony of curious Belfield

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