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Matt & Meshel's What's That Noise has finally been won

Friday 25 November, 2016
It's the question that has been on everyone's lips, not to mention a hot topic of conversation in every taxi and Uber, for the past six weeks. What is that noise? 
Matt had 'a good feeling' about $4000 Friday and he was right. Today, Colin from Berwick put everyone in Melbourne out of their misery by finally naming that noise and he took home $4000 just in time for Christmas.
Each weekday KIIS 101.1's Matt & Meshel have been playing the same noise to Melbourne with listeners calling in to do their best to guess the source of the sound.
The prize money started at $1000 and an extra $100 was added each day it wasn't guessed correctly and the jackpot was up to $4000 today when Colin rang in.
Listeners had guessed everything from an umbrella opening, a water bottle being flipped, even removing the lid off a take away coffee cup.
Some listeners got really close but Colin's guess of taking off, and putting back on, the lid of a travel cup was the right noise.
The 49-year-old father of two was very excited at the win, but was even more excited to tell his wife that he was right, for once.
Colin plans to use the $4000 on a family holiday over the Christmas break. 

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