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Marcus Paul resigns from 2CC

Wednesday 23 March, 2016

Marcus Paul has made a sudden exit from 2CC after four years with the station.

The Canberra drive show host left the station this morning and while he hasn't given any reason for his resignation, he did offer to stay on to see out the current survey period but was reportedly asked to leave.

He denied an interview with Maria Hawthorne, the former political staffer at the centre of the Joy Burch affair was to blame.

"I can categorically say that my interview with Maria had nothing at all to do with my decision today, there was no pressure from anyone about that," Mr Paul told the Canberra Times.


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Anthony The Koala
5 July 2020 - 1:17pm
I believe that Marcus Paul could well be the rising star of 2SM. While I believe that 2GB's Ben Fordham's program is more newsy than his former afternoon shift, Marcus Paul could be serious competition.

Tuning in the last few days to 2SM, I heard two of Alan Jones' former callers Stephanie and Marie call the station. On Marcus's facebook page, you can hear a sample of Stephanie. The musical introduction of two bars of Laura Brannigan's "Gloria" at the beginning and ending of this audio clip aludes to the Alan Jones show,
2SM's current saying "give a trial up the dial...."

It is quite ironic that in the Daily Telegraph 05-07-2020 that Alan Jones said “...I don’t mean to be unkind to the medium which has been very kind to me, but I don’t miss anything....” He went on to say that he does not and has not listened to radio since leaving because he does not have the time to listen, 5th paragraph,
(subscription may be needed) .

Even though I do listen to 2GB, it is not as frequent. I cannot explain it. After listening to NewsRadio and RN on weekends I listen to 2GB's Chris Smith then either to RN or NewsRadio and 2SM. When I do listen to 2SM, I do hear callers from 2GB such as Marie from the Shire, David the lawyer from Rouse Hill and Cedric from Campsie.

On my reflection of listening to 2GB over the last few years, I thought the changes to programming at 2GB were over when the management changed in late 2019 (October/September). No, the new management continued to change for example Ross Greenwood (1800-2000) departing in December 2019. Despite George Moore departing from December 2019, it is not the same as him filling in for the afternoon presenter.

2GB's use of former TV presenters on radio is not new. The ABC's radio presenters also work on ABC TV and vice versa. PK, Virginia Trioli, Sabra Lane both present on radio and TV. Go back 60 years, it was radio's Jack Davey and Bob Dyer who went on to TV. Even in the 1960s and 1970s, Bert Newton, Don Lane and Tony Barber were not only on radio but on TV.

I should note that the current presenters on 2GB have led the Sydney market. That was while Alan Jones was on breakfast.

Given the theory that the breakfast show leads the rest of the day in ratings will be put to the test in the next survey.

I cannot predict whether 2GB will remain the market leader in the next available radio survey and whether 2SM will ever participate in a future ratings survey. The market may have remained or even moved away from 2GB. The constant changing of presenters on 2GB may affect stability of listenership.

Thank you,
Anthony of exciting Belfield
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