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Latest on 5AA’s Byner suspension

Thursday 05 February, 2004
FIVEaa relief morning host Paul Makin

Things have gone quieter in the FIVEaa Byner matter this week. The ABA will receive a submission from the station tomorrow, at which point the regulator will decide on the next course of action.

During the week replacement Paul Makin read a short message on air, acknowledging that Byner was suspended and that he was filling in (see Makin’s biog on radioinfo’s Faces
for Radio

Meanwhile The Adelaide Advertiser has been trawling through Media Monitors transcripts of on-air interviews between the Adelaide Lord Mayor and Leon Byner to see what they could find. Some of the results were:

On July 29, 2003 at 10.34am Byner covered the subject of city car parking, saying to the Major:

BYNER: City shoppers and retailers are being asked by Lord Mayor Michael Harbison to have their say on the future of retailing in the city. And to find out what he's up to, let's ask him.

BYNER: I believe - and I won't give too much away - but I've heard from my informants at City Hall that there's a suggestion that you have an idea, which would inform people visiting the CBD of parking availabilities just before they arrive in the city. Is that so?

HARBISON: Oh, Leon. (Laughs) I don't know where you get your information, but you're very good. Yes, there is even talk that perhaps the city should have its own little private radio station. Now, we don't want to compete with FIVEAA . . .

BYNER: (Laughs).

HARBISON: But perhaps we could get you to do some guest spots on it - so that as people are driving in, the city radio will tell them where the parking is available and so on, and what are the deals going on, what are the special promotions. And I think it's a brilliant idea, but, yes, it's all a bit under wraps at the moment…

BYNER: That's the new Adelaide Lord Mayor, Michael Harbison, who seems remarkably passionate about making sure that the CBD is as shopper-friendly as possible.

On June 6, 2003 at 11.34am Byner spoke to the Mayor about shopping hours then said:

“Good on you. He's making all the right noises isn't he? New Adelaide Lord Mayor Michael Harbison taking the challenge up to the Westfields of the world as we deal with seven-day trading, which will happen within the next few weeks.”

On December 4, 2003 at 9.52am, again on city car parking the conversation went:

HARBISON: So what we've actually done is we've cancelled those seven tickets.

BYNER: Oh, that's great. See that's the sensible thing you'd expect from a progressive council and they've done that.

BYNER: Well, Michael, thank you for joining us. Stay on the line for a sec if you wouldn't mind and - there's a couple of things I've just got to let you know, off the record, which will be helpful to next time we talk.

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