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Kate, Tim & Marty now a Kardashian free zone

Tuesday 20 October, 2015

Last night on Nova’s Kate, Tim & Marty declared their show as a ‘Kardashian Free Zone’.  

It all started when Marty read an article about the Kardashians over the weekend, and was inspired to put a stop to it on his show.

Marty said: “As a show, lets stop talking about these people. Because they are awful, awful human beings the kardashians.”

Kate agreed: “It is kind of depressing when you get online in the morning and that seems to be all you see”

The team then decided that the only way the infamous family would be mentioned again on the show is in the event of a tragedy, Marty said: “I’m not mentioning the Kardashians, unless we’re covering off the death of one of them”

Tim then asked Kate Ritchie: “And your thoughts?”

Kate said: “I just do what you guys tell me to, so I’m officially a Kardashian Free Zone”

The team were inundated with support from listeners on the phones and on twitter:  

You can listen to their declaration below:



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