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Jonesy forgets the second golden rule

Monday 27 April, 2015
If you’ve ever worked in a studio, you’d be aware of the first golden rule of broadcasting: treat every microphone as if it’s live. But it seems Brendan Jones forgot the second golden rule of media: Beware the gossip columnist because they too are always "on."

In this case it was one of “the premier gossip columnists in the country,” the Sunday Telegraph’s Ros Reines who was “on” when Jonesy opened his big mouth in her presence at a function on Saturday.

Next day, his on air partner, Amanda Keller was reading the Sunday paper and turning to Reines’ popular column Guess Who, Don’t Sue, read:

Which radio queen and multi-media personality could not attend a certain lunch because she was too busy having “an underpants” fitting for the Logies?

After spending  a few seconds trying to figure out who it might be, Amanda described her anger on a scale of 1-10 as being 20 when she came to the realisation that it was her.

By Monday, her anger had cooled to the point of icy as she confronted Jones on air saying she couldn’t believe that a “throwaway line” to him last week about why she couldn’t attend the lunch would end up in print.



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