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Jackie O, sick of Kyle's sickies - walks out

Monday 11 August, 2014

Is it a stunt or a real life tiff between long time on air partners Kyle and Jackie O?

This morning there seemed to be an unusually heated exchange of words between the pair on their KIIS 106.5 Breakfast show.

Referring to Sandilands’ vomiting on air and his frequent absences, Jackie said, ”You’re always sick on a Friday. I’m putting it out there. It leaves me high and dry on the air.”

Taking offence, he replied, ”You’re very rude. I just don’t care what you think."

After the commercial break, Jackie had gone, leaving Kyle to break the news to the KIIS audience. “In the spirit of transparency I’d like everyone to know that during the news Jackie and I have had an argument and Jackie’s left. Not going to go into why, how, when, who said what, what happened ... she’s not here."

In showbiz today, reality sells. Radio and television shows will do anything to create reality and when it doesn’t come naturally, they’ll manufacture it. 

Before KIIS launched, when speculation was at its highest as to what the name change will be, if there’ll be one at all, a passer-by just happened to snap what was the entire logo set and re-brand for the station through an ARN advertising agency’s window.

No one was sure whether it was a giant stuff up or whether it was a deliberate ploy to get free publicity. ARN management wasn’t saying either way but in hindsight it seems pretty certain it was just a stuff up.

If today’s walk out by Jackie is a real sign that there's trouble in paradise, then there’d be a few nervous executives at ARN wondering if the show they spent so much on in both cash and resources is coming apart at the seams. If it is, then it would somewhat vindicate SCA’s decision to let the pair go last year.

An ARN spokesperson would only say, “We’re looking forward to having Kyle & Jackie return to air together tomorrow morning on KIIS where they’ll no doubt talk through everything that happened this morning”


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