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Imaging: the goal of emotional connection #RDE19

Monday 01 April, 2019

Kelly Doherty from The Imaging House in America says "tons of copy doesn't help in how you want to connect with your audience."

Speaking at Radiodays Europe, she explored different ways to produce advertising and imaging, using emotional connections.

Creative imaging has changed stations tremendously by using smart, funny and innovative ways to deliver the station's identity to the listener.

"Check your radio ego," says Doherty, advising audio producers to think beyond the standard radio techniques they are used to using, and think like a marketer. "Learn how to market and sell the imaging, and learn a new imaging language," she advises.

Another tip is use lots of audio.
"Everything about your livelihood is based on an emotional connection such as purchases and experiences. Remember that listeners don't always hear what you say, especially when the content has been played relentlessly. In other words, don't flood the listener with the same commericals/promotions. Make music your connection. Not wall-to-wall copy."
Producers who can actually sing helps with making a successful promos, "moulding the lyrics to suit is astronomical in terms of engaging listenership."

She used the example of Stacks, who had a great new concept and incorporated Alexa into the Jingleball promotion.

Imaging has changed radio stations, for example Jack FM where "their voice guy Harold incorporated a sponsorship whereby Knottsberry Farm was chosen and was a hit." The attraction received many more visitors after the promo went to air.

The personality of a voice is what carries a successful advertisement or promo, such as sarcasm and witty-ness.

Jack Thomas from Australia is "an imaging guru with American stations such as KROQ," she said. Ryan Seacrest singing his way through a new promo also "worked a treat - particularly as he is not known for his prowess in this field of voice."

Your Producer / Imager is "the soul of your station, don't take your creatives forgranted," she said. Creative producers should be allowed to have fun during sessions. 

"Market like you don't have to sell it. Make them come to you. Big brands do not have to brag. Bragging does not help in gaining likeability. Does a listener really care?"

When using questions in your script, "never ask a listener a question that they can say no to." Instead, reframe the sentence so that the answer will always be yes, or use another type of wording that will elicit a positive response.   She used the example of Smooth FM Sydney's imaging:  Less talk and more music. "It simply describes what their audience wants to hear."

Other useful production tips from Kelly include:

 - Stop using phone numbers
- Chance, register and then qualify. Teasing and changing your approach is beneficial.
- Everything is based on emotional connection.
- Listerners come for the music.
- Promos are not commercials. Don't let copy be your enemy.
- Market, don't sell.
- The same language will fall on deaf ears. Find a new language.


Lastly, "if you're seeking new ideas, leave your studio and have a life outside to enhance creativity for some new-found copy."

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