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'I had 13 amazing years working on air in that building...'

Thursday 03 September, 2015
Photo: Cossi from South Aussie Facebook
Former SA FM announcer Andrew "Cossi" Costello has posted photos on Facebook of the old Greenhill Road studios being knocked down.
Triple M and the rebranded hit107 have moved to purpose built studios in the centre of Adelaide.
Cossi says he has mixed feeling at seeing the building demolished.
" I had 13 amazing years working on air in that building. When I first walked thru those doors I was 21 and had just won a competition to race around the world as part of Amanda Blair and James Brayshaw's "The Great Race". Fresh from the pig farm I couldn't believe I was working in a building that had automatic doors! I feel in love with it the minute I started working there."
"The years that followed and still a little bit to this day, SAFM flowed through my veins. Never a job, just a passion. When it changed names to hit107 I was devastated, how could you ever lose the SAFM brand which was once, like the building at 128 Greenhill Road, such a giant?"
"When I first started working at SAFM I was only doing one day a week in the breakfast show and given I lived in the country, the night before I'd drive down and park near the building and walk across Greenhill Rd and roll my swag out in the southern parklands. There next to the creek I'd sleep until waking up for the show the next day. So first it was farewell to the station and now the final farewell to the building".
"So to the old SAFM building that's now a pile of rubble I hold aloft my icy cold can of coke and say "cheers".
"Thanks for being the home to an SA icon for so long."

The former foyer of SA FM and Triple M Adelaide.

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Bernie Brittain
4 September 2015 - 4:16am
I had a mighty time (90-96).
PT was in the house (til 95), GS was in the house and the whole thing started there. I remember running into Paul Thompson in the car park underneath (early 90s) and him saying he'd just returned from Sydney after signing Wendy Harmer..."Most expensive lunch I've ever had!"
I miss that place a lot. Farewell old friend.
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