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Hear the first sounds of 2UE relaunched as a Lifestyle destination

Saturday 17 September, 2016
Hear the first sounds of 2UE relaunched as a Lifestyle destination

The positioning statement is: 2UE, Talking Lifestyle

“If you like it. If you need it, 2UE’s Talking Lifestyle’s talking about it” - lyric from the new imaging for the new 2UE. Scroll down to listen.

Macquarie Media’s National Executive Producer Michael Thompson told radioinfo that, as of today, almost every shift will be different. Only the breakfast shows, Mon-Fri with John and Garry and weekends with George and Paul, will remain the same. All the other shows, while anchored by seasoned broadcast professionals such as Tim Webster and Luke Bona (yes, he’s staying) will feature expert presenters on topics such as health, finance, travel and relationships.

Some of the new names you will hear on 2UE Talking Lifestyle,” says Thompson include, Catriona Rowntree, David Koch, Sally Obermeder, Ed Phillips and Peter Switzer."

Much criticism has been levelled at 2UE, even before the new format’s launch, about it being “over commercial.” However Mr Thompson insists that all the programs will, first and foremost, “be entertaining.” He says that the fact that they are sponsored will not be hidden from listeners. He says that listeners accept that all kinds of programs are sponsored and they can easily tell the difference between information and a sales pitch.

Read Peter Saxon’s comment on the new 2UE, Talking Lifestyle on Monday here on radioinfo.com.au


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17 September 2016 - 10:51am
2UE should focus on improving customer service rather than being so inward looking. Emails are hardly ever answered ( do announcers and staff delete listener emails?). Except for Mike Jeffreys who does answer emails and focuses on listeners. If Mike Jeffreys is not part of the new line up - I will not be listening. 2UE management change the station every month it seems and then wonder why they have so few listeners.
18 September 2016 - 11:08am
I used to love Saturday afternoons, not any more, who wants to listen to 4 hours of boring voice & subject, investments, Bye Bye 2UE
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