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Five Ways New Automation Tech Supercharges Workflow

Monday 18 June, 2018
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As media organisations consolidate, the challenge of harmonizing business objectives, corporate cultures and workflows bubbles to the surface as former competitors combine and seek future success together.
Often the challenge is developing systems that combine the assets of different legacy systems and compiling them into one that could be understood by a centralized playout system.
How RCS Zetta supercharges workflow:
RCS Zetta eliminates productivity-killers by allowing programmers to work on separate parts of a log simultaneously without their changes undoing those of others.
Why hobble the workflow of employees working remotely? Wouldn’t it be far better to give them access to the same metadata they have when they’re in the office? The answer is apparent, and the benefits extend beyond enhancing productivity, to producing better, more timely content.
Replicate entire channels to other locations. Build a library and your channel assets will be replicated and delivered via the Internet. Zetta’s replication function also offers robust disaster recovery.
Zetta automation further enhances the workflow with its new auditioning module and minibar. These tools make it fast and easy to find the exact assets that are required.
Jumping quickly to a song intro, hook, or ending is convenient, and marking a point to jump to can be done with a single customizable touch of a button.
Different audio file formats and sampling rates pose no problem for Zetta either, because it easily mixes and matches content regardless of how it is stored—another boon to smooth auditioning and playback.


When personnel are on the road, they rely on Zetta2GO, the mobile, browser-based version of Zetta. Zetta2GO offers the same functionality as Zetta.
The interface and user experience are also similar in many respects, thus maintaining the productivity of personnel when they’re on the road. In fact, the two products are so similar that it is sometimes difficult for users to look at the screen and tell them apart.
The Zetta Difference
RCS has drawn on its decades-long experience working with thousands of radio stations to create its Zetta radio automation software.
Zetta takes a modular approach to workflow, which means separate playout, sequencing, and UI. All functions have their own launcher app. Workflows are only limited by the imagination of stations deploying the multi-user automation system, and Zetta automation and playout can be controlled via the Zetta2GO suite of applications from a smartphone or tablet.
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