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Edge Digital is a clear leader in Sydney's DAB+ stations

Tuesday 12 November, 2019

Edge Digital is the clear leader in Sydney with 123,000 listeners, leading ABC Jazz (97,000) and KIIS 90’s 81,000.
In Melbourne Coles Radio remains at the top with 85,000 listeners, ahead of Gold 80’s (70,000) and The Fox OldSkool (65,000)
Brisbane’s 97.3 90’s (37,000) just leads Coles Radio (35,000) and 97.3 the 80’s (31,000), while in Adelaide Mix 90’s (23,000) leads Coles Radio (21,000) from Smooth (19,000)
Perth’s Smooth (34,000) is in front of Hit OldSkool and Double J (30,000)


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Anthony The Koala
13 November 2019 - 2:34am
A brief comment on CW-Remix, the DAB ratings in Sydney, and branding.

First a comment on CW-Remix. I had reason to buy mouthwash at a local Chemist Warehouse. There was an absence of CW-Remix as part of its background music. This is in contrast to Coles Radio as the background music for its grocery stores.

Given that CW-Remix's audience is not measured in its stores, then what is the point of having CW-Remix especially when its general cumulative audience is not on par with the top ranking DAB+ stations?

Second, if we rank for example the cumulative radio audience in order from highest to lowest, we have the top five DAB+ stations for Sydney:
1. Edge Digital (cum audience 123)
2. ABC Jazz (cum audience 97)
3. KIIS 90s (cum audience 81)
4. WSFM 80s (cum audience 78)
5. Coles Radio (cum audience 71)

We can see that the former 2KA (783kHz), formerly 96.1-fm, and today Edge (96.1MHz), a station whose fm antenna is on top of the former 2KA's radio mast in Katoomba. In other words, a radio station for a market outside the Sydney Metropolitan Area is rating higher.

However, a caveat. Since the BOG does not participate in the Sydney ratings, there is no info on its DAB+ stations Gorilla and Dance to make a "reasonable" comparison.

Anyway, while Edge digital is the highest rating DAB+ station in Sydney, it is not so in the Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane markets.

Consequently, this leads into a general comment about markets. Taking into account that not all DAB+ services are the same in each market, we can see that the top ranking stations in each market are not same. We saw that Edge digital and ABC Jazz are top rating in Sydney but not in other markets. These stations are far from top ranking in the other markets.

In conclusion when it comes to branding, we cannot make the assumption that what works in Sydney will work in Melbourne.

Thank you,
Anthony of exciting Belfield
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