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To Dump or not to Dump? That is the question.

Tuesday 10 July, 2018
Simon Owens and Philip Brady, 3AW Nightline.
It's late at night on Melbourne's number one radio station, 3AW.

The kiddies are safely asleep in their beds. In any case, the bulk of the station's audience is over 55.

Commanding the studio is regular Nightline co-host Simon Owen, guest co-host Andrew McLaren, filling in for Philip Brady, and panel operator Mark Petkovic

Between them, they have 25,416 hours of on-air experience. Like the crew on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise they are in full control of the show's destiny. And then, suddenly, a Klingon appears on the starboard bow - line 6. His name's Rodney. He works in research.

After normal programming had resumed, Simon Owens said of the incident, "Sad we had to dump this last night."

If you were Captain Picard at the helm of the 3AW that fateful night or at least looked a bit like him in your rented costume, , would you have dumped Rodney or hit hyperdrive and carried on regardless?


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