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Dr Charlie Teo is the latest on The Five of My Life

Tuesday 16 July, 2019

Acclaimed brain surgeon, Dr Charlie Teo, chats with Nigel Marsh on the latest episode of The Five of My Life podcast from PodcastOne and says he's always been subjected to the tall poppy syndrome in Australia, "I'm not a wilting flower when it comes to my skills. That's always worked against me in Australia.

“So much so, that as I was going through neurosurgery, many of my bosses felt compelled to put me in my place and I was fired and taken off the neurosurgical program; being punished for being good and knowing I was good," said Teo.

The Five of My Life is hosted by former Y&R Brands boss and author, Nigel Marsh and in each episode, Marsh chats to prominent personalities about their favourite Film, Book, Song, Place & Possession and the stories behind them.

Dr Charlie Teo is a globally renowned neurosurgeon and has been named as one of Australia’s most trusted people for taking on the cases others class as hopeless, and has also become known for speaking his mind.




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