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Dene Broadbelt says he has had two years of hell

Monday 06 April, 2015
Photo supplied with AAP MediaNet Release

Dene Broadbelt, aka Harrison O'Connor and other names, has taken the unusual step of issuing a media release through AAP's MediaNet service to "reclaim his life."

Broadbelt came to the notice of the radio industry first for his online streaming station Ridge Radio, then later when a concert he was organising for Eagle FM Goulburn went bust with significant fallout to the radio station.

The release, sent to radioinfo and many other media, refers media to contact Zach Featherstone at Phoenix Global for interviews or more information. It says:


MEDIA ALERT - PHOTO & INTERVIEW OPPORTUNITY: Harrison O’Connor “I’ll never be myself” – Two years of hell!

SATURDAY, 4th April 2015

After almost two years battling a deep depression that left him unable to laugh, get out of bed or even be held by his supportive family, radio star Harrison O’Connor previously know as Dene Broadbelt is ready to reclaim his life with over 75 articles on Google and the internet being labeled as a serial conman, O’Connor is ready to tell the truth of the accusations.

Harrison now, 21, has banished the terrible thoughts that plagued his mind during his lowest moments. The former Radio DJ says he wants nothing more than “to be Harrison again’’ – happy, healthy and move on with his life. “I will always feel partly responsible because my name was associated with highly defamatory statements that were not true,’’ Harrison says.

“But I’m not going to let it define me. I’m just going to remember.’’

“Nothing will change the fact that there is people out there that have tarnished my name for life.

'And I believed that I deserved all those tweets and social media post’s, it went on for months and because I didn’t feel comfortable leaving the house all I did was read the comments.

'I believed everyone in Australia wanted me dead. There was not a lot of support at that time.' I have even been unable to obtain employment; I have lost jobs over these accusations.

'I do have a little bit more closure and I’ve been finding it so hard to move forward and I think a lot of that had a lot to do with not being able to say sorry and also the false accusations that were published, there is even a support page on Facebook with over 250 members – just bearing that guilt and that blame,' he said.

'To know that I have done everything I can in regards to my previous mistakes in life – I tried to help – I said sorry – I’ve declared bankrupt – I’ve changed my name, I feel that I've redeemed myself as much as I can.

'It took every bit of strength and every bit of support to get through that but you have a choice you can keep fighting or you can let it just take you over and I wanted to fight - life is so precious,' he said.

WHO: Harrison O’Connor formally known as Dene Broadbelt/Mussillon

WHAT: Photo and interview opportunity, with Harrison in relation to the fake suicide note/con-artist accusations which have made international/national media

WHEN: 13th – 17th April 2015 (time available between these dates for in studio interviews)

WHERE: Phone or in office interviews

Contact: Zach Featherstone (Phoenix Global) - Ph: 1300 550 475 – Email:


Distributed by AAP Medianet

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6 April 2015 - 10:37am
Now playing the victim card,
A good friend of mine who is a psychologist and who has read a lot of the stories is not surprised that he is now calming to be the victim in his quest to rid himself of the trail of destruction he has created over the past few years going right back to his youth.
He said, in his opinion, it is clear that he is not remorseful about the people (his victims) that have suffered financial and or emotional pain that he has inflicted on hundreds across Australia.
Not once has he said sorry to any of his victims or even admitted that there are victims in any of his statements, the only victim he sees is he, but he will go to any length to try to discredit anyone who brings to the attention his activities to the general public or the media clamming that they are defaming him and attacking his reputation, character, or good name by making slanderous or libellous statements.
My friend's advice was that the person needs to seek medical help as the condition will not go away untreated, in fact will only increase in the level of self destruction, as he believes in his own lies to the point that they become his reality, or he is he is fully aware of what he is doing which will be a more dangerous position for this person to be in, but will love the media attention good and bad.
6 April 2015 - 10:31pm
Nothing elicits sympathy quite like writing your own third-person press release; identifying oneself by real name and pseudonym; denying previous publicly admitted crimes; and the worst of all violations - using all caps in a sentence.
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