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Can you spot Dan Jones in a crowd?

Tuesday 07 April, 2015
Last week Canberra FM104.7’s Afternoons host and Music Director Dan Jones (DJ) found himself naked in a room with 50 other people whose genders were also on display.

How did he get there? Why was he naked? And why weren’t we invited?

The answer lies with Mornings host Sarah Miller who also co-hosts a weekend show with DJ called The Dump Button - “an entertaining snap shot of Canberra and around Australia including pop culture, music celebrities and a little sneak peak at the week ahead.” 

Anyway, in the name of art and the need for a good laugh, Sarah signed DJ up to be part of an exhibit at The James Turrell Nude Tour at the National Art Gallery in the nation’s capital.

“It was the most awkward experience of my life, being naked with 50 other people for two hours” said DJ. “It has easily quadrupled the amount of people that’ve seen me naked”

Having signed him up to the tour de nude, Sarah also booked him in for some man-scaping. So that he’d look his best with a bare chest he had it waxed and also had a nude spray tan in an attempt to cover arts and all.

“Let’s just say, Dan isn’t the type of guy to spend much time on his appearance,” said Sarah.

 Dan not knowing how spray tans work actually left the tan on for too long after leaving the salon, which made him look quite…orange while nude in front of the 50 others.

 “It was the oddest most awkward experience I’ve ever had. Being media as well you were identified to the other participants, which pretty much meant the tour director was essentially saying ‘this guy is the afternoon announcer from the radio station and this is what his penis looks like’. I’m struggling to fathom how I could possible get my co-host Sarah back for this. At the end of the evening everyone was invited to a nude board games after party at somebodies house… I declined.” said Dan.


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