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Bundaberg Broadcasters merges with Rural Press Radio

Thursday 25 December, 2003

Bundaberg Broadcasters owner Graham McVean has finalised a deal to merge with Rural Press' group of 9 radio stations in Ipswich and South Australia.

"We have merged Bundaberg Broadcasters with the existing Rural Press operations... Rural Press will be the dominant shareholder," McVean told radioinfo.

Because Bundaberg Broadcasters is a private company, the full details of the deal are not being made public, but McVean did explain the main effects of the deal.

"My company, Beecher, has secured the management contract to run the network, which will begin from 31 December... We are partners."

radioinfo: What about the staff?

McVean: "Rural Press radio staff at The River in Ipswich and in South Australia were briefed about the deal last Wednesday and staff at 4BU were told at a meeting on Thursday.

"Staff at all stations have viewed the announcement as extremely positive."

radioinfo: Will you be looking at economies of scale and networking?

McVean: "We have no plans for networking and our vision does not include networking. All stations are extremely viable."

radioinfo: What are your immediate plans?

McVean: "We will be growing the group. We are planning to expand our Kix FM network in the next 6 - 12 months with a mix of narrowcast and mainstream licences in Queensland."

radioinfo: You will be competing with some big companies, RG and DMG in Queensland.

McVean:"Competition is good for the market. These markets are capable of growing as we have seen in Bundaberg."

radioinfo: Will Rural Press Radio CEO Richard Burns be involved?

McVean: "Richard will be a consultant for the group. He and I share a similar vision and I have worked with him on and off over the past 15 years, but this deal was done at board level...

"We will have a new board consisting of JB Fairfax, Brian McCarthy and myself."

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