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The Biggest Radio Stories of 2017

Friday 29 December, 2017
MacRadio's Ray Hadley and SCA's Grant Blackley go head to head

With 2018 less than 48 hours old, it’s time to wrap the year that was.

radioinfo counts down the top 20 stories that were most read by our readers.

20. Elusive as that state’s tiger, Tasmania based Mornings presenter and former Spoonman Brian Carlton goes in search of FM Talk

19. This hilarious spoof from Voice Over management company RMK proved one of the best creative efforts of the year. No wonder it went viral among its target audience.

18. Radio Tomorrow contributor James Cridland made the top 20 with his article: Is it time for radio to tune out of TuneIn?

17. Seemed a good idea at the time. Having lost Robin Bailey to Triple M, Brisbane’s 97.3FM tries to accentuate the “positive.”  

16. Veteran Entertainment writer/presenter Peter Ford tells Kim Napier what he really thinks about some of the celebrities he's interviewed.

15. In the long running saga of the Hawkesbury community radio this was the point at which the ACMA took away its broadcast licence.

14. Peter Saxon’s opinion pieces are sometimes serious and sometimes strange and sometimes they’re seriously strange

13. Kim Napier’s profile of sport journalist Sam McClure

12. Meet the 12 year old who builds radio stations

11. Brad Smart explores the opportunities for radio to partner with telcos 

10. Australia’s biggest family owned broadcaster outsources production and not everyone is happy. 

9. Podcasting became mainstream in 2017 and this offering from SCA’s Podcast One was one of its biggest hits 

8. The release of the ACRAs list of finalists is always a hot item on radioinfo as is our live coverage of the winners and the acceptance speeches they never got to give - except to our readers.   

7. Nova Entertainment unveiled a new look with CEO Cathy O'Connor, National Program Director Paul Jackson and Marketing Director Tony Thomas.

6. Survey results attract readers in droves. Of all the surveys, the first one of the year drew the most.  Survey 8 was pretty big too and you can compare it to Survey 8 here

5. The passing of Gary O’Callaghan was one of the most read stories of 2017 but it also had readers searching the radioinfo archives which mostly landed them on this article from 2003 about the day he was retired from 2UE. 

4. People movements always hot up towards the end of the year when contracts are up and replacements are named. 2017 was more volatile than most an threw up a number of surprises, perhaps no more surprising than this.

3. Major shakeup at ABC Radio 

2. Although 1116SEN is far from the highest rating station in Melbourne, the news of staff changes there was the second highest rating story on radioinfo this year.

1. This story had everything to captivate our readers: a top radio personality locked in a public stoush with an opposition network that spills into the ACRAs. radioinfo broke the news on October 10 that Triple M, Orange had cut off Ray Hadley’s networked morning show and went to music. Ray was not impressed and neither were his listeners. We reported the twists and turns of the stand-off over the next five days until that Saturday night at the ACRAs when Ray, while being inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame, made peace with SCA.

The story breaks; Triple M Dumps Ray Hadley

SCA responds to Hadley’s outrage

The “censorship” spat continues

Ray buries the hatchet at the ACRAs

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