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A big challenge ahead for mix94.5's Captain Paul

Friday 23 August, 2019
mix94.5’s ‘Captain’ Paul Shepherd made a serious announcement on The Big Breakfast with Clairsy, Matt & Kymba this morning telling the team he has been diagnosed with bowel cancer.

Paul said, “Earlier this year, I started getting a few cramps in my stomach, thought it was heartburn, thought it was stress. It was on and off, sometimes it would go away, sometimes it would come back and I just put up with it”

Paul finally told The Big Breakfast producer Tom, who made an appointment straight away a local GP.  After blood tests, Paul was quickly called back into the doctors office and was told he had cancer.

A follow up colonoscopy confirmed Paul has a 5 -6 cm malignant mass in the caecum which includes the I-C valve that separates the small and large intestine.

The Australian Government's National Bowel Cancer Screening Program currently provides a free screening and pathology to all Australians when they turn 50 and Paul wants to implore people to make sure they take that test. “My (test) was sitting up the top of the cupboard and has been for months and I think this is the second one, I chucked the first one away. That goes to show what a dick I’ve been, because this could have been on to it.”

Paul undergoes surgery to remove the mass next Wednesday and then will discuss further treatment with his medical team.“I always had it in my head that I would handle that news well and I did. I thought this is my journey now. Humour keeps you happy and keeps you healthy.

“It’s got me off my bum and started exercising, prepping for this op but also to get fit and healthy and get through it.”

Captain Paul has been keeping Perth in the know with daily traffic updates on radio for over 27 years, starting his career from the skies and flying his aircraft Chucky high over Perth roads, though he has most recently been in the studio for The Big Breakfast.

For more National Bowel Cancer Screening program information, call the government Information Line on 1800 118 868

If you have symptoms, a family history or are concerned about bowel cancer, please speak to your GP.


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