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Ace Radio makes some cuts as COVID19 cuts deep into revenue

Monday 11 May, 2020

Like most regional broadcasters, Ace Radio is struggling with the effects of COVID-19.
With direct revenue down anywhere from 40%-50%, the management team has had to make some tough decisions on staffing levels with some positions in the sales team, admin and production being made redundant.
CEO, Mark Taylor, told radioinfo, “Being a family orientated network always makes these decisions difficult, but we have tried where possible to keep as many people employed as possible.
“The AM and FM breakfast shows, The Morning Rush with Sean & Kate and The Morning Crew with Gabi & Dan, will be fully networked in the next 3 – 6 weeks, with the remaining two stations brought into line. Current breakfast shows hosts who are displaced have been offered other daytime programs at a local level."
Ace will also keep their pool of journalists at all their stations in order to continue providing local news updates.






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12 May 2020 - 10:54am
As someone who is not, and never has, worked in radio, but has a life long interest in the industry I have a genuine question: It's easy to see how the Covid pandemic has affected advertising in print media (newspapers are shrinking before our eyes) but I can't see how it has affected radio and television. There has certainly been no reduction in the number of and length of ad breaks so why are media organisations saying their revenue has been impacted?
14 May 2020 - 2:50pm
Tony, the simple answer is broadcast media organisations ARE saying this a a matter of fact, because it's the TRUTH. Advertising revenue for both TV & Radio has been whacked. What you're hearing and seeing are ad breaks made up of existing contract advertisers who haven't bailed out in the short term, "special short term, reduced rate" advertisers, "bonus spots" for loyal clients and the usual 'no-charge' Community Service spots. Hence, the ad breaks sound and look as if nothing much has changed in the world of broadcast advertising. Hope this helps.
18 May 2020 - 6:49pm
Thanks Ian, sure does help me understand. I sincerely hope everyone comes out of this on the other side because a diverse independent media is essential for society. Thanks again.
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