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2SM’s Gilbert under listener attack

Tuesday 30 May, 2006
Gilbert: goosed by Ghandi

Last night’s Media Watch on ABC TV reported a listener “ambush” on 2SM’s nighttime presenter Graeme Gilbert.

It started with the first listener responding to Gilbert’s evening quiz with an odd answer.

Graeme Gilbert (GG): Lois – good evening.

Lois: Hi Grae – how are you?

GG: Not too bad. Yourself?

Lois: Good.

GG: Question 1. Good luck. Who is the Premier of Tasmania?

Lois: India!

GG: Oh Lois, I thought you’d grown out of that. Thanks darling. 13 12 69.

But, Media Watch reported, Gilberts problems just kept coming.

George: Hello. How are you?

GG: Not too bad mate. The Premier of Tasmania?

George: India.

GG: No. You need an education don’t you. 13 12 69. Harry is it?

Harry: Yeah yeah Harry. How you going?

GG: Not too bad. The Premier of Tasmania - any idea?

Harry: First time I’ve ever called a radio station but I knew the answer to this one.

GG: Yeah?

Harry: Uh yeah – India?

GG: Well make that the last time you phone a radio station Harry. 13 12 69. Please it’s not the answer so if you were going to say that, drop off now. Okay?

It was now obvious Graeme Gilbert's evening quiz was under attack from a gang of phone-in saboteurs, but finally that night, he found a friendly caller.

GG: Hello Max.

Max: G’day Graeme, how you going?

GG: Not too bad. You’d be too smart for those dills who keep saying India, wouldn’t you?

Max: I tell you they must get on the port or something when they do it.

GG: Yeah it would be the cheap port wouldn’t it?

Max: I reckon. It’d be real bad Tawny, Grae.

GG: The Premier of Tasmania?

Max: Listen mate before I give you the answer – I just want to say he’s one of the only fellows who can cover a Johnny Horton song that well, isn’t he?

GG: Yeah he does it well doesn’t he, Johnny?

Max: Oh, silky smooth voice yeah.

GG: Beautiful voice.

Max: Yeah lovely. Mate the answer to your question – would it be India?

GG: Well I’d have to say no. So good luck with your education.

And the attack continued with a succession of callers claiming “India” was the answer.

Media Watch presenter Monica Attard commented: “Nowadays, 2SM doesn't attract too many listeners, but Graeme Gilbert reckons his audience is the smartest in the world, and they certainly outsmarted him. Well we've now been sent a copy of the email that organised the attack on Graeme's quiz.”

The email showed a photo of Mahatma Ghandi accompanied by text reading: “Tonight Graeme is having a quiz... it would honour me if everyone rang up and answered 'India' for every question. Don't ask why... it's between me and [Graeme].

Love from Mahatma”

Attard concluded: “Those who are tired of the radio quiz can only hope that Mahatma's new strategy of radio civil disobedience takes off.”

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