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25 of radioinfo's most read stories of 2018

Sunday 30 December, 2018
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2018 has been a bumper year for radio with lots of news emanating from it.

No doubt 2019 will be just as exciting, if not more.

Here's our countdown of 25 of our most popular stories this past year.


25. The new2uw begins broadcasting in Newcastle

Monday 08 October, 2018

The new2uw, an internet only radio station, began broadcasting in Newcastle this morning.
The brainchild of a number of Newcastle and Hunter businesspeople, the station has plenty of on-air experience with David Sayers on breakfast, PR and events expert Tracy McKelligott on mornings and local music guru Mark Tinson and entertainment entrepreneur Steve Pickett paired on drive.
radioinfo asked news editor, Michael Blaxland, about the station.
Can you tell me who were the driving forces behind the station and why?
“The business side of things is being looked after by a group of local businesspeople who have wanted to do something like this for some time, particularly in light of the fact that local media is increasingly Sydney or Melbourne-based with a contraction of local programming.”
What is the target demo?
The new2uw.com is an over-40s station playing the best of the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s with local interviews and content and an “outrageous” ethos.

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24. Rumours of station axing and mergers at ABC denied by management

Monday 25 June, 2018

Senior executives at the ABC are rumoured to be in secret discussions to consider whether to merge some existing radio stations and axing another.

It is said to be part of an effort to find savings in response to a further $84 million in funding cuts to be imposed by the Turnbull government. 

Following speculation that first surfaced in Crikey last month, several ABC sources who spoke to radioinfo on condition of anonymity confirmed that their understanding was that management is considering a merger between Radio National and News Radio. 

Speaking exclusively to radioinfo, ABC Director Regional & Local, Michael Mason strongly denies any such developments.

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23. Is radio dead? This futurist thinks so

Monday 26 March, 2018

Radio Tomorrow with James Cridland

Ben Hammersley is a very clever man. He’s a “futurist”, and sports a very fine Victorian bushy moustache and some fancy arm tattoos. He writes for Wired magazine and The Guardian. The word “hipster” might have been coined for him; but then, he coined the word “podcast”, which is quite a claim to fame.

He spoke at Radiodays Europe this year in Vienna. Radiodays is a great event, if a chilly one for someone flying direct from the end of Australian summer into sub-zero temperatures. I didn’t pack a coat. Perhaps I should have done, it was bloody freezing.


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22. 2UE set adrift as 2GB sails on to greater glory

Monday 16 July, 2018
“We had a very good day,”MacRadio CEO Adam Lang told radioinfo after Survey 4 results were revealed last week. 

It was a good day, indeed, for Macquarie Media’s talk network with its Sydney flagship 2GB up 1.3 from the previous book to reach a 14.0 share overall - its best result in five years. 
But while champagne corks were popping at their stations from the east coast to the west, over at MacRadio’s second brand, Macquarie Sport Radio 954, there was little joy for the hard-working staff. Despite their high hopes, Macquarie Sport Radio which replaced the ill-fated Talking Lifestyle (itself posting a measly 3.4 in its “farewell survey” a few months ago) has now plummeted to a disastrous 0.8.
It is the lowest ratings ever recorded for the venerable 954 frequency that, until very recently, has been broadcasting as 2UE – a station that, in its prime, promoted itself as “Always at or near the top.” 

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21. Vale Deborah Cameron 1958 - 2018

Monday 11 June, 2018

Former ABC Sydney Morning presenter Deb Cameron has passed away.

She is believed to have died of cancer.

Ms Cameron took over the morning show from Virginia Trioli in January 2008 and left in 2011 after her contract was not renewed.

She began her career as a journalist at The Warrnambool Standard, and in 1985 joined the Fairfax group, working at The Canberra Times and later The Sydney Morning Herald. She was a correspondent in New York and Tokyo, and lived in Jakarta for five years, while working as a senior journalist for The Sydney Morning Herald.

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20. Full Winners List #ACRAs2018

Saturday 20 October, 2018
Photo: Life Portraits Photography
KIIS 1065’s Kyle and Jackie O Show has won the Best On-Air Team (Metro FM) category, at this year’s Australian Commercial Radio Awards (ACRAs).


Ray Hadley's Continuous Call Team won Best On Air team (Metro AM).

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19. Cold Chisel’s Khe Sanh tops Triple M’s Ozzest 100

Friday 26 January, 2018

Triple M has counted down its controversial Ozzest 100 on Australia Day. 

In effort to fill the gap left by triple j’s Hottest 100 when it abandoned January 26 for its annual countdown, Triple M  broadcast the most popular Australian song as voted by its club members. Unsurprisingly it was Jimmy Barnes heading up Cold Chisel with the Vietnam War anthem, Khe Sanh.

Barnsey also had the #3 pick, Working Class Man while Farnsey John Farnham came in at #6 with You’re The Voice.

The #5 spot belonged to AC/DC with It’s a Long Way to the Top (if you want to Rock and Roll)

#4 was Icehouse, Great Southern Land and #2 was Men at Work's  Down Under.

Go here for the full list 100 down to 1.

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18. Salaries of key Crocmedia staff (accidentally) revealed

Saturday 14 April, 2018

In what seems like an embarrassing bungle the salaries of the top 20 earners at Crocmedia have been posted on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) website.

The list was part of a 360 page submission made by Crocmedia to the ASX following its merger with 1116 SEN late last year.

The list was quickly removed from the ASX site but the Herald Sun’s Page 13 was able to to get hold of it anyway.

According to the list published by the paper, Crocmedia’s CEO Craig Hutchinson’s salary, including a potential $61,000 bonus is $944,752.

Former AFL executive Richard Simkiss, is being paid $390,000 as the company’s new group business director.

Tim Cleary, who was formerly Channel 9 programming and Footy Show executive, collects $410,000.

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17. Why Em Rusciano’s days at 2Day are numbered

Monday 21 May, 2018
Comment from Peter Saxon.

In a wide ranging 90 minute chat with friend and Triple M Melbourne’s Breakfast co-host Will Anderson on his excellent podcast series Wilosophy, the 2Day FM Breakfast co-host gives a disarmingly candid account of herself - her loves, her hates, her fears, triumphs and failures - sometimes with perhaps too much candor… like how she could incorporate dead baby lines in a stand-up routine after she lost her own child in a miscarriage. Don’t knock it till you’ve heard it.

About two thirds the way into the podcast, with the discussion focused on her radio show, she drops a bombshell, the impact of which, at first, seems to miss Anderson. Rusciano says,“I think I’m hurtling towards implosion in the next six months.” Although that doesn’t sound quite a rolled gold guarantee that she’ll quit at the end of the year, except that she follows up her statement with, “you heard it here first.”

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16. Kevin Hillier, Mark Fine latest axings in SEN shake-up

Wednesday 17 January, 2018
Kevin Hillier

SEN has sacked the veteran broadcasters.

According to reports in the Herald Sun, Mark Fine's 13 years at SEN ended late yesterday after a phone call from management. Kevin Hillier has been with the station 11 years. 

Hillier posted on Facebook ​"It's funny really, in 45 years of radio I've only been sacked a few times but notched another up today. My time at 1116 SEN is over." 

"Been doing summers and fill ins since 2007, never wanted a full time gig.

"I love broadcasting, always will and I certainly believe I have a few good shows left in me.

"Thanks for your support. Another door opens. "

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15. Vale Rob Neil

Saturday 22 December, 2018


Long time 2WS announcer Rob Neil has passed away after a long illness.
He turned 56 last month and is survived by his wife Sue and five children ranging in age from 12 years to 19.
Former 2UE Breakfast presenter Jason Morrison and now 7 News Director, worked with Rob at 2WS and 2GB/2CH and had this to say:

"Rob Neil was one of the loveliest blokes I’ve met anywhere in life... let alone in the radio business.

"Total class as a person and a performer. 

"Around the radio station, he was always encouraging and engaging.

"He made a point of making everyone feel that they were part of the magic of what went to air.

"He had a knack of not sounding like a radio announcer while being a bloody good one.

"The on-air Rob was as real as the bloke you’d bump into at the shops.

"We used to joke that he was too normal and decent to be a success in this sometimes twisted business. 

"Somehow he defied gravity," said Mr Morrison.

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14. SCA deposits $5m sign-on fee in Jackie Henderson’s account

Saturday 31 March, 2018


In a bold plan to bolster the struggling 2DayFM breakfast team and at the same time disrupt the opposing juggernaut at KIIS, SCA has been in secret negotiations to lure Jackie Henderson away from long time on air partner Kyle Sandilands.

Inside sauces have told radioinfo that it has been long rumoured that Jackie has become tired of people using the letter O as if that were her second name as well as playing second banana to Sandilands. She wanted her own show where she’d be ‘top banana and not paid peanuts.’

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13. Michelle Guthrie only failed one test: Leadership

Tuesday 25 September, 2018

Comment from Peter Saxon

It was exactly a year ago I attended a function on the Dot Strong Terrace at the ABC’s Sydney headquarters in Ultimo.
Dot was the last and most influential of the tea ladies from a bygone era when coffee shops were sparse on the ground and our public institutions still clung to remnants of the British Empire. Stronger than the blackest of the teas she served, Dot’s personality earned her a place in ABC history, with a plaque as eloquent as any engraved for Cook, to mark the spot where she dispensed her last cuppa and Iced Vovo.

At this particular breakfast function to launch OzPod 2017, Michelle Guthrie addressed the gathering. It occurred to me then that regardless of what she might achieve during her tenure, it was unlikely that they’d dedicate a building, a wing or a terrace to her service. You see, Dot the tea lady possessed the one essential ingredient Ms Guthrie lacked: charisma.

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11. 2UE's John and Garry Breakfast show disbanded

Tuesday 03 April, 2018

The John Stanley and Garry Linnell breakfast show which many felt was one of the best shows on 2UE and Talking Lifestyle signed off today for the last time.

Tomorrow the station will be rebranded as Macquarie Sports Radio with a new breakfast show that will be revealed to listeners over the next 24 hours.

In a series of brief announcements over the course of this morning’s show the pair spoke of the great friendship they have built over the past four years with Linnell expressing his gratitude to Stanley for everything he’s taught him about radio.

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10. They say young people don’t listen to the radio

Monday 29 January, 2018

Radio Tomorrow with James Cridland

Young people are falling out of love with radio.

How do you know? You just have to ask a random guy you meet at the pub. He’ll tell you that his friend’s son doesn’t listen to the radio, and, by extrapolation, no young people in the entire world listen to the radio. You can take this knowledge back to your workplace and comfortably tell other people that young people don’t listen to the radio.

(Never mind that advertising agencies already aren’t interested in the 50+ population. Who wants people who are settled, comparatively rich now that their kids have left home, and for whom a low price is less important than a quality product? No ad agency finds those people attractive, so the oldies stations are reduced to running ads for pain relief, retirement homes and funeral plans.)

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9. It’s a long way to come just to get fired: Christian O’Connell

Monday 04 June, 2018
First Day on Air in Melbourne, Christian O'Connell

First Day Review by Peter Saxon

Most days I jump out of bed at the crack of noon. For me, Breakfast shows start about three hours after I go to bed. Happily, the marvels of digital recording allow me to listen to Breakfast and get my sleep too.

This morning, however, I rose at 7:30 to listen to Christian O’Connell’s first day ‘live’ on GOLD104.3.

It didn’t start well. The first thing I heard was a few seconds of dead air while O’Connell found the script for a nursing home ad. His read wasn’t the most convincing. But he did a great job of inserting the “aww factor” by emphasising that pets were welcome. A man who brings his dog out from England as part of the family can’t be all bad.

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8. Alexa increased our online listening by 7 times… but she is a trojan horse

Sunday 15 July, 2018

Austrian CHR station KroneHit gained a seven fold increase in online listening when Alexa was introduced to the Austrian market, according to Programmer Rudiger Landgraf.

He tells Steve Ahern what he has learnt about smart speakers.

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7. Alan, are you a homosexual?

Thursday 28 May, 2015
In a talkback session about gay marriage this morning, 2GB's Alan Jones was asked about his own sexuality.

"Are you a homosexual?" asked caller Robin.

Jones deflected the question, saying: "That's irrelevant to the issue. The issue is marriage definitionally, of course, is a union between man and a woman. It's not what I think, you think, Bill Shorten thinks, it's what the community thinks, and the Parliament thinks, and let those people express their view."

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6. Shane Lowe leaves Nova 919 and heads home to Perth

Thursday 11 October, 2018

The Nova Network announced that Shane Lowe has made the decision to depart Nova 919’s Lewis & Lowe with Hayley Pearson breakfast show.

After careful consideration, Shane has made the decision to leave the show and return to Perth to spend more time with family and friends.
Shane got his start in radio in 2006 on Nova’s national drive show before relocating to Adelaide to co-host nights.


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5. Christian O'Connell on air at Gold 104.3 Melbourne

Monday 04 June, 2018
Christian O'Connell has already done plenty of iconic Melbourne things to endear him to his new audience on Gold 104.3, including taking his dog for a run on a Port Melbourne beach and catching an AFL match at the MCG.

And after weeks of hype, hoopla, and declarations of 'Melbourne's biggest ever Radio revolution', the UK radio star has this morning taken to the Gold 104.3 studios for his first official morning as the station's new breakfast host. 

(Technically, O'Connell kicked things off last Friday after going rogue and taking over the mic at 7.30am)

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4. Live radio is lazy radio

Monday 02 April, 2018
Radio Tomorrow with James Cridland

There’s nothing more enjoyable than doing live radio.

There’s the adrenaline of knowing that what you’re saying is going straight into your listeners’ ears: no filter, no second-chances. Fluff a little, and you’ve got to just plough on regardless.

There’s a thrill - if you can do it - of off-air monitoring in your headphones: the effect of the Optimod on your voice, particularly the crackle and distortion of AM. After the microphone processor and the transmission chain, you sound awesome.

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3. Radio ratings Survey 1 2018

Tuesday 13 March, 2018
The first survey for 2018 has been released.

The survey was conducted for CRA between Sun Jan 21 to Sat Mar 3.

This is the first time that digital listening survey results have been released on the same day as the analog listening results. The digital results (see related report) are shown after the usual charts.

Note: Survey stories are aleays among our most popular. This one for Survey 1, 2018, was the most read of all of them.

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2. George and Paul make the switch to 2GB

Saturday 24 February, 2018
After 15 years on weekends at 2UE - the station currently known as Talking Lifestyle - George Moore and Paul B. Kidd are moving their show to sister station 2GB.

They told their loyal listeners this morning of the move and judging by the email response it is likely that most will move with them. In the most recent GfK survey, George and Paul helped boost 2UE’s weekend ratings to a 7.2 share, more than twice the station average of 3.5.

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1. Talking Lifestyle dropped for sports format at 2UE

Friday 02 March, 2018
A leaked email from Executive Chairman Russell Tate advised Macquarie Media staff that the Talking Lifestyle format will change on March 30/

He wrote: "The “Talking Lifestyle” format which has run on our 954 AM Sydney station since September 2016, and on our 1278 AM Melbourne and 882 AM Brisbane stations since late February 2017, will be broadcast for the last time on Friday March 30th.' 

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