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10 Fun Ways to Celebrate World Radio Day 2015

Tuesday 10 February, 2015

13 February 2015 is World Radio Day, a celebration of radio, why we love it and why we need it today more than ever! We’re calling on everyone around the world to get involved – here are 10 ways you can join the celebration:


Image: © UNESCO

1   Tune into the World Radio Day 2015 Live Broadcast

We’ve invited broadcasters from around the world to broadcast LIVE from UNESCO HQ in Paris on Friday, 13 February. Head over to their websites to check out what they’ve got planned!

MC Doualiya (ar) | Radio Orient (fr) | Radio VL (fr) | RFI (fr) | Vivre FM (fr)

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU), European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and UNESCO are also hosting a joint live broadcast all day, which will be streamed online. Visit the ITU website for more details.

There are also other events going on all over the world - see what's happening near you by visiting our World Radio Day Crowdmap!


Image: Dennis Crowley, CC BY-SA 2.0

2   Host a World Radio Day listening party

World Radio Day is a great day to get together with your friends and family and tune into your favourite radio shows – over the airwaves or online, it’s up to you! We’ve also put together a lot of great content for you to watch, listen to and share, right here on this site.


Image: © UNESCO

3   Download WRD banners, posters and social media photos

On the World Radio Day website you’ll find all of the printed and digital material you need to celebrate the Day – banners, posters, logos and some great profile pictures and cover photos for social media.

World Radio Day posters, banners & logos


Image: © Masakazu Shibata

4   Contact your local radio station and ask them to participate

Get in touch with your favorite radio station to find out if they’re participating in World Radio Day, and if not, encourage them to get involved. You can direct them to our website, where they’ll find 15 Ideas for Broadcasters to Participate in World Radio Day.


Image: David Brewer, CC BY-SA 2.0

5   Organise your own radio show

All you need to organise and broadcast a radio programme on youth and radio is a microphone, an internet connection and some inspiration! Then you can upload what you make to Soundcloud and add it to our collection of user-submitted content for others to listen to.

World Radio Day on Soundcloud
See our guide to creating your own radio show


Image: Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0

6   Organise a community event

World Radio Day is about coming together to celebrate radio, so why not organise an event or debate in your local community and invite everyone to come along? You can also invite local radio stations to come and cover the event and interview the attendees.

Learn how to invite the media to cover your event


Image: © UNESCO

7   Share your love on social media

Why not show how much radio means to you by changing your social media profile picture or cover image to mark World Radio Day? And join the global conversation by posting your support, including the official #worldradioday hashtag and tagging @UNESCO on Twitter.

Also be sure to follow UNESCO on Facebook and Twitter to find out the latest World Radio Day news.

UNESCO on Facebook
UNESCO on Twitter
UNESCO on Google+


Image: Andréanne Germain, CC BY-SA 2.0

8   Record a World Radio Day message

What does radio mean to you? How can we encourage more youth participation in radio? How can we offer protection to young journalists and fixers who risk their lives in conflict and disaster zones? If you’ve got a great idea or something you want to say, record your World Radio Day message and post it to social media using the hashtag #WorldRadioDay, so the whole world can listen in.


Image: Amberley Johanna, CC BY-SA 2.0

9   Support youth-focused radio in your area

World Radio Day is a celebration with a serious message: a call for more youth-oriented and youth-led radio shows. Give your support to local radio stations that you think do a good job including young people in the production of their programming. Tell your friends via social media, and add it to our World Radio Day Crowdmap under the category "Youth Radio Production".


Image: © Masakazu Shibata

10   Learn about opportunities in radio

If you’re interested in a career in radio, let World Radio Day be a catalyst for you to find out more about the opportunities available. Contact local journalism and broadcasting schools in your area, or get in touch with local community radio stations to find out how you can contribute as a volunteer. Here are some links to get you started:

International Center for Journalists - Resources & information
Journalism.org - Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism
Empowering Local Radios with ICTs - Some previous examples of radio workshops conducted by UNESCO in Africa

 How are you planning to celebrate World Radio Day?

Add your event or celebration to the official World Radio Day Crowdmap!

Tell your friends to get involved on social media:

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