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The Love God's Back

Tuesday 13 May, 2014

Richard Mercer switches to WS FM with a new show
To his many loyal fans, The Love God’s move to another station after presenting Love Song Dedications on Sydney’s Mix 106.5 for 17 years is bigger news than Kyle and Jackie O’s defection from 2Day FM last year. Except this time it’s friendly.

When Mix rebranded to become KIIS and changed the focus of its content to reflect the needs of Kyle and Jack’s followers that meant that Richard Mercer’s show no longer a good fit for the frequency.

WSFM and GOLD take on fresh classic hits to make Pure Gold

Tuesday 22 April, 2014

ARN has ramped up its efforts to engage Gen X in a rebrand of Classic Hits WSFM and GOLD.
Te stations will now become the Classic Hits Pure Gold Network and expand their playlists to include music from Robbie Williams to Fleetwood Mac, No Doubt to ACDC, and INXS to U2.
A marketing campaign for the rebrand begins immediately on-air and via outdoor advertising, while a digital launch and TV campaign for WSFM begins Monday 28 April.

Silence is golden for Jonesy and Amanda

Tuesday 01 April, 2014

Who knew so many people would want to watch radio hosts remain silent – for four hours no less?
WSFM received a 30% bump in website views yesterday when Jonesy and Amanda entered the Cone of Silence to see who could stay silent the longest.  
The hosts were locked up in a room for four hours yesterday and had to remain silent no matter what happened or who visited. As it turned out a lot happened including:

Beverly Hills Cop, beers and bad jokes but no one cracks in WSFM cone of silence

Monday 31 March, 2014

Who talks more out of WSFM’s breakfast duo Jonesy and Amanda?
The show’s audience voted Jonesy the most talkative but when they tested who really had to talk the most by entering the cone of silence both managed to stay mum – though Jonesy was accused of making deliberate bodily noises and Amanda did inadvertently shout when a loud blast caught her off guard after three hours of silence.

The ding-a-ling-a-ling song

Friday 14 March, 2014
An eyewitness at the Barangaroo fire caught WSFM breakfast host Amanda Keller's attention so she has had his classic comments remixed into a song.

His comments turned the Irishman eyewitness into an instant sensation.

Watch the video below:

Jonesy and Amanda number 1*

Friday 14 March, 2014
* That’s equal number one FM breakfast show, which is really not number one overall because Alan Jones is number one AM breakfast and, because AM and FM are surveyed together, 2GB is number one station overall so Alan is number one breakfast overall… but anyway Jonesy and Amanda are only equal number one FM with the other number one FM KIIS, which is really equal number three breakfast show overall.
Is it all clear now… no complaints?
OK, on with the story.

Good times roll on in WSFM’s latest backyard jam

Monday 10 March, 2014

WSFM took the classic hits direct to the people over the weekend, transporting them to the backyard of listeners Robert and Michelle with a live performance from Aussie band, Dragon.    
Jonesy and Amanda have brought back their backyard jam promotion and Robert managed to win the chance to host the live show with this hard to beat entry:
Back in the 80’s and 90’s, ten of us would follow Dragon all over Sydney. I would love to get everyone back together one last time.

Amanda Keller tastes gold

Wednesday 26 February, 2014
The Living Room and WSFM's breakfast host Amanda Keller has been nominated for the Gold Logie.

Her WSFM co-host Jonesy has appointed himself Amanda's Campaign Manager to help her secure the gold and in celebration of her birthday yesterday, he presented her with a Gold Logie cake he thought "tied nicely into the campaign to get you a Gold Logie".

View the video below:

Meanwhile down the hall at ARN...

Monday 20 January, 2014
While the launch of KIIS FM and the new Kyle and Jackie O Show is celebrated around the ARN Sydney studios, the team down the hall at WSFM are moving on with their normal programming, kicking off with Jonesy and Amanda for breakfast.

radioinfo spoke to Jonesy and Amanda's producer about what's up and coming for the show and the circus happening down the hallway:


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