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Coronavirus continues to affect radio as Kyle, Jackie O & Amanda broadcast from home

Tuesday 17 March, 2020
The effects of COVID-19 on the radio industry are only just beginning to be felt, and it’s more than likely that over coming weeks listeners will hear a number of line-up changes as more infections come to light.
Already Alan Jones, Ray Hadley, John & Ross, Fitzy & Wippa are presenting programs remotely, while Richard Wilkins and David Campbell are in isolation 

Denton and Keller together again for Interview

Sunday 28 July, 2019
They’ve known each other since they were in their teens and have worked together on radio, but the relationship that Andrew Denton has with Amanda Keller gives him a unique insight into her life.

In the latest instalment of Interview, they reminisce about her obsession with Barry Manilow and from her time at Simon Townsend’s Wonder World to her time on Denton in the nineties.

They spent time onair together at Triple M, during which Amanda was undergoing IVF treatment leading to the birth of her son Liam.

Jonesy & Amanda get Millie in the morning

Wednesday 06 February, 2019

ARN has appointed Millie Michael as Executive Producer of WSFM’s Jonesy & Amanda in the Morning.

ARN announces new music positioning

Friday 10 February, 2017

The new music positioning is for its Pure Gold Network stations, WSFM in Sydney and GOLD104.3 in Melbourne - “Better Music and More of It”.

We got him!

Friday 24 June, 2016

He's been a hard man to get a hold of (and fair enough too, what with the election and all) but Jonesy & Amanda finally had the chance to speak with Prime Minister Turnbull this morning.

Like many FM radio shows, Jonesy & Amanda have been trying to get the Prime Minister on their show for weeks but their determination and launch of ‘Malcolm Watch’ – asking listeners to call in with their PM sightings - paid off.

They got Bill now Jonesy and Amanda want Malcolm

Wednesday 22 June, 2016
While Bill Shorten boycotted an interview on Triple M's Hot Breakfast with Eddie McGuire earlier this week, he did turn up for a chat with Jonesy & Amanda on WSFM this morning.

The Opposition Leader joined the show as a special guest DJ " doing a great job on the microphone …"

Meantime Jonesy & Amanda have launched ‘Malcolm Watch’.

iHeartRadio live with Culture Club

Tuesday 14 June, 2016

Culture Club fans have been treated to the ultimate behind the scenes fan experience as part of the exclusive Pure Gold Presents iHeartRadio LIVE.

Jonesy does it for the kids

Friday 10 June, 2016

WSFM’s Amanda Keller made her breakfast co-host Brendan ‘Jonesy’ Jones do the one thing he swore he’d never to do – cut his hair.

DJ Amanda takes over WSFM

Wednesday 25 May, 2016
Like any successful long-running partnership, over the years Brendan ‘Jonesy’ Jones and Amanda Keller have developed well-defined roles, for example, it’s Jonesy that does all the ‘on-air housekeeping’  like back announces and time calls.
So what happens when Jonesy takes a little too long in the kitchen making Amanda a coffee and doesn’t get back to the studio in time to do the back announce? DJ Amanda steps in!

Jonesy's still in on Dancing With The Stars

Wednesday 30 October, 2013
With Jonesy now through to week five of Dancing With The Stars, much to the suprise of the team at WSFM, his breakfast co-host Amanda Keller is being the perfect supportive partner and upping her listener support campaign to help keep him in the show.
Despite plenty of good natured mocking of his non-dancing ability, Amanda’s still attempting to drum up the much needed votes to save his place on the show because sadly the team at WSFM don’t think it’ll be his dancing skills that will.
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