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Survey 8

The Spin begins for the final survey of 2020

Tuesday 08 December, 2020

It's the final chance for the stations to put their spin on 2020.

Check out our Analysis, DAB+ results, Raw Results and Cumes


Ross and Russel are still at the top: Cumes Survey 8

Tuesday 08 December, 2020
Ross and Russel still command the biggest numbers in breakfast for a single market despite a drop of 73,000 listeners for the last survey of the year.
Kyle & Jackie O have closed the gap but remain in second place with Bogart Torelli & Glenn Daniel further back.
Ben Fordham has improved his numbers, up by 18,000 to 463,000
The biggest improvers were Fifi Fev & Byron up by 85,000.

The Spin is coming in for Survey 8

Tuesday 17 December, 2019

The spin for the final survey of 2019 begins.

Make sure you refresh the page throughout the day to see how the stations view the end of year results.


Kyle & Jackie O end up with the biggest numbers: Cumes Survey 8

Tuesday 17 December, 2019
The numbers are in for the end of the year, and Kyle & Jackie O will take the title of having the most listeners into the new year with 667,000 tuning into their breakfast program.
The surprise came in the Melbourne numbers with Fifi Fev & Byron (Fox FM) dropping down  to 5th nationally from 2nd, with Chrissie Sam & Browny (Nova100) Fitzy & Wippa (Nova 969) and Ross & John (3AW) all moving up.

DAB+ Ratings: Elf Radio a Christmas Gift for ARN

Tuesday 17 December, 2019
Coles Radio (249,000) is still at the top nationally in the latest survey of DAB+ stations, and while Elf Radio (23,000) has added some tinsel to ARN’s Christmas tree, smooth relax debuted nicely in Sydney Brisbane and Melbourne adding 110,000 listeners.
City by city and Edge Digital leads in Sydney from Coles Radio and KIIS 90’s.

What will the GfK Santa bring your station in Survey 8 this morning?

Monday 18 December, 2017

No one can recall a survey being released this late in December and so close to Christmas. 

Nonetheless, there won’t be another one till March 13 next year. You can download the GfK Survey calendar for 2018 here.

Lots of questions for today. 

Will GOLD in Melbourne be able to hold on to its number one FM spot? 

Will ABC Local Radio bounce back from the dismal figures it posted last time?

Survey 8: That's all folks for 2016

Tuesday 13 December, 2016

Gemma Fordham was out of the country when Survey 7 was released and the Hit Network was up in every market, but we were assured she was enjoying a champagne.
And while she is in Australia for Survey 8, she’s still sipping on the champers with FOX FM kicking away from the Melbourne FM pack to be 1.6 ahead of a surging smooth and 2.0 ahead of next placed GOLD.
“The Fox result is an absolute ripper,” says Gemma.

Spin Cycle: Survey 8 2016

Tuesday 13 December, 2016

The media releases and spin from the PR and Marketing departments are in for Survey 8.

Read them below - refresh the page during the day to see the latest.

Check our earlier reports on the raw results and analysis.

Survey 8: "...after that we draw a line in the sand," says Paul Jackson

Monday 12 December, 2016

It was (almost) the night before Christmas and all through the town, not a creature was stirring…
Look, to be honest, the town is pretty rowdy at the moment with Christmas celebrations underway, but in the world of radio, as Christmas parties are done and dusted and personalities off on their break, things are rather quiet.
However, that serenity will be interrupted momentarily tomorrow with the release of Survey 8.

​Witness history in the making as Survey 8 marks the end of an era

Monday 09 December, 2013

This morning's release of Survey 8 will not only be the last survey of the year, but the last ever under the current methodology from Nielsen.

From 2014, a brand new set of numbers will come out via GfK.

If that, in itself, is not enough to pique the interest of broadcast professionals, then the unprecedented talent movement among prime shifts on major metro stations will be enthralling.

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