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World Radio Day: Why radio still matters

Wednesday 13 February, 2013

Steve Ahern’s personal insights into world radio, and why it still matters.


In Sydney, Australia this week, a caller to ABC local radio asked for 702’s informative broadcasts to reach younger listeners by simulcasting on FM. In Juba, the capital of the world’s newest country, South Sudan, listeners rang in to praise radio stations for the important work they are doing in rebuilding their country. 

Both events show that radio is still important and relevant to people in every part of the world.


Train more staff to prevent talent shortage: Radio Asia Conference

Sunday 28 February, 2010

International radio trainer Steve Ahern told the Radio Asia Conference in Delhi this week that training is essential for the expansion of radio in India. “The growth of new stations in this country is phenomenal, but world experience says soon you will feel a severe staff shortage without adequate training,” he said.

First Adelaide digital radio broadcast

Tuesday 19 June, 2007

Adelaide experienced its first digital radio broadcast last friday as part of the AFTRS Digital Radio Roadshow.

Using a test licence granted by ACMA, the AFTRS Roadshow broadcast 12 hours worth of test programming so that participants could see the visual potential of digital radio. Logos, song names, album covers, traffic reports and other information was broadcast, as well as an audio stream on each channel. The content was captured from digital rado broadcasts in other cities and saved for rebroadcast durng the seminar.

AFTRS Seminar for those puzzled by digital radio

Thursday 08 March, 2007

Radio industry staff have been puzzled with a promotional gimmick from AFTRS which landed on every desk at most major capital city radio stations this week. The addictive puzzle is designed to remind radio staffers about the impending switch on of digital radio and to promote seminars about the new technology.

The AFTRS Digital Radio Roadshow will travel around Australia to provide informative and inspirational speakers about how digital radio will and what radio industry staff can do to be part of it.


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