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Wednesday 29 July, 2015

Radio often alludes to being an entirely live medium, but in reality the ads, sweepers, jingles & songs are all recorded and half the time even interviews are pre-recorded.

hit105’s Stav & Abby are throwing all caution and conventions to the wind this Friday when they broadcast their Live, Live REALLY Live Show in King George Square, Brisbane.

HIT105 celebrates with the ultimate laneway gig on Brisbane's Story Bridge

Monday 18 May, 2015

Hit105 is part of the mega Story Bridge 75th anniversary celebrations and will be providing the soundtrack in what is set to be Brisbane’s biggest Laneway Gig.

As official sponsors of the historic event,  hit105 will rally 15 artists from around the world and Australia, shut down the Story Bridge on Sunday July 5 - and invite the whole city.

Richard Barker, hit105 General Manager has said:

Sam Frost breaks up with boyfriend

Thursday 30 April, 2015
After her harsh rejection from last year’s Bachelor Blake Garvey, Sam Frost has just been announced she’s  Australia’s first ever Bachelorette. 

With the shoe on the other foot will Sam be able to reject potential partners with finesse?
After receiving a break up email overnight, Stav & Abby decided to give Frost the opportunity to test her break up skills, asking her to break up with a listener’s boyfriend on her behalf. 

What's going on north of the wall?

Friday 24 April, 2015
With the temperature starting to drop in Brisbane, it's a fair sign winter is on its way.

So Hit105’s Stav & Abby decided to see which side of the city would reign supreme in the ultimate Game of Thrones style battle for wintery supremacy: Stav & Abby’s JON SNOWball Fight!

After 2 weeks of piecing together teams (Stav championing the North, Abby leading the South) the team dumped 5 tonnes of snow at ‘Neutral Ground’ below the Storey Bridge for an epic snow battle.

Brisbane's new hit105 launches

Friday 06 March, 2015
As expected B105 has this morning come into line with SCA’s Today Network dropping its heritage branding and launching as hit105.

The move follows B105 recently marking its 25th Birthday with a reunion and a facebook page full of memories.

B105 brings Bobsledding to Brisbane

Friday 07 February, 2014
With the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi just about to begin, B105’s Labby, Stav and Abby have held Brisbane’s first ever Bobsled race.

Over 3 weeks, 10 teams did their best to convert Bunnings billycarts into a bobsled capable of careering down the slope from the tenths tee at the Victoria Park Golf Course.

As in real bobsled races, there were quite a few who did not make it to the finish line, including breakfast host Jason ‘Labby’ Hawkins who crashed out right on the line losing both a bit of skin and his dignity.

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