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Good gains for Sea FM, Hot Tomato retains lead in Gold Coast radio survey

Thursday 17 August, 2017

Hot Tomato has retained its lead in the latest Gold Coast survey, despite a drop of 1.3 share points to 17.1%.

Sea FM gained 2.2 share points to move into second place on 13.4%, ahead of sister station Gold FM, which dropped 1.1 to 10.9%.

Triple J was in fourth place on 6.6%, down 0.4, while Local ABC station ABC91.7, in fifth place, lost 1.1 to 4.8%.

Hot Tomato won breakfast, followed by a resurgent Sea FM, which is closing the gap on the top station.

Hot Tomato won all other dayparts and weekends.

Mix maintains number one in Sunshine Coast radio survey

Tuesday 15 August, 2017

For the first time since 2015 survey results for Hot91, Sea FM and MIX FM on the Sunshine Coast have been released.

Hot Tomato back to number one on the Gold Coast

Thursday 17 November, 2016

GfK Survey 3 results have been released for the Gold Coast and Hot Tomato was the big winner bouncing back after losing its mantle as the Gold Coast's number one radio station all people 10+ earlier in the year.

It's the station listened to most with a 13.9% share all people 10+ a gain of 1.9% from Survey 2.

Gold FM was second with a 13.4% share and Sea FM third with 12.8%.

Radio ratings for Central Queensland

Thursday 29 September, 2016

Radio ratings for Central Queensland, which takes in Rockhampton and Gladstone, have been released for the first time since 2001 as part of the commercial radio industry’s regional research program.

Hot FM was the station listened to most All People 10+ with 28.8% followed by Sea FM with 24.4% and ABC Capricornia 14%.

Cairns releases first radio ratings since 2003

Tuesday 14 June, 2016

Commercial radio stations in Cairns have fresh insights on their listening audiences with radio ratings for the competitive Far North Queensland market released for the first time since 2003.

Celebrating 30 years of broadcasting

Monday 07 September, 2015
Queenslander Scott Mayman just enjoyed "30 Years of Broadcasting" taking-in work in Australia and in the United States in both news and on-air presenting.
"From News to Music show presenting - I've pretty much done it all".   
2SM, 2KY, 4BC, 4BH, 4KQ, ABC Radio, SEA FM, MIX FM, GOLD FM,  COAST ROCK FM  - and a string of other regional stations in Australia as well as broadcasters in the United States.

Byron, Kristie... and Hilda on Sea FM 101.3

Thursday 06 August, 2015

Last month 90 year old radio announcer Hilda Bird hung up her headphones for the last time at Radio-Five-O-Plus on the NSW Central Coast.

Or so she thought...

Hilda started her radio career in her late 60s, 22 years ago at 2CCC Gosford, then later moved to Radio-Five-O to present a show called Tea and Talk, but, with the march of technology Hilda was finding panelling a bit much.

She told the Central Coast Advocate:

"For those not familiar with a radio studio setup, there's no time for dithering."

So she pulled the plug.

Sea FM helps Hobart housefire

Wednesday 05 August, 2015
Sea FM’s Paul & Woody discovered Hobart’s immense goodwill when they received a call from Helisha this morning. 

Only 24 hours earlier Helisha’s brother Chris had come home to a nightmare. His house was on fire in the northern Hobart City of Glenorchy. The father of 3 had lost all his possessions, leaving him and his children with only the clothes on their backs and unfortunately, was not insured.

Punished for wrong daylight saving timecalls

Saturday 11 April, 2015
"I was punished all thanks to Daylight confusion... Big time," Ross Wallman told radioinfo.

Being on the Queensland/NSW border, Sea FM has to make dual timecalls during daylight savings time.

Wallman is the one who does the time calls,, for example, "Galey Ross and Charlie it’s 6.10, an hour later on the tweed……"

Now that daylight saving is over, Wallman had a 3 strike chance to be deprogramed to the “hour later on the Tweed” call.

Diggers in the Rain on the Gold Coast

Monday 23 February, 2015
Although it was raining on the Gold Coast this morning, little rays of sunshine were dug up by some lucky Sea FM listeners who'd entered Gayley, Ross and Charli's Buried Treasure promotion. 

With $30,000 buried in the sandy beaches of the Gold Coast over the next three weeks over $10 000 was dug up in one morning.

One lady, Cara, found $5,000 at the end of her shovel which will go to help her father out who recently had a stroke. 


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