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Fast and Curious discussion about smart speakers #RDE19

Monday 01 April, 2019
One of the highlights of Radiodays Europe is the first day's Fast and Curious session, where participants move tables every nine minutes to quickly discuss key topics relevant to the radio industry.

It's a also a great ice breaker, so that visitors from around the world can get to meet eachother and share experiences from their many different markets.

It is a noisy and energetic cacophony of opinions as people fight to make their point in the short time available.

This year, one of the table topics was smart speakers.

Radiodays Europe Women #RDE19

Monday 01 April, 2019

Grace Lech attends the Women in Media session at Radiodays Europe.

It was an interesting insight into many women who divulged their inner-most media lives and how they were inspired by radio stalwarts during their growing and listening years.

With the advent of social media influencing some of their decisions, there was clear evidence of an age gap and how they coped with differences in appeal.

Community Media across generations #RDE19

Sunday 31 March, 2019

A research team from the Netherlands, headed up by Utrecht University's Lola De Koning, gave an overview of four different local community broadcast networks' practices and experiences in a workshop on Community Radio at Radiodays Europe. Later a range of broadcasters from around the world spoke about their stations.

From their research, the Netherlands team identified best practices and common challenges for commuity radio stations across the world:

* Best practices 

Correcting advertising buyers 'unconscious bias' against radio #RDE19

Sunday 31 March, 2019
The UK Radiocentre’s Judith Spilsbury hosted a workshop at Radiodays Lausanne to help radio stations overcome advertisers “unconscious bias” about radio and other media.
Advertisers often buy media based on “predictably irrational” thinking. The assumptions they make about radio affect how they buy it, but those assumptions are not always right.

Exclusive coverage of RadioDays Europe this week #RDE19

Sunday 31 March, 2019

Radiodays Europe begins tomorrow with Lausanne Switzerland turning on perfect sunny spring weather for the event.

radioinfo and AsiaRadioToday will bring you exclusive coverage from the world's best radio festival each day next week
Tomorrow, masterclasses include: Social engagement through local community radios, Overcoming unconscious bias when pitching to advertisers, Is Internet reinventing broadcast radio and the popular Fast and Curious Networking Session, amongst others.


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