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Alan Jones explains yesterday's glitch: I don't know what the Klotz frames are

Wednesday 30 July, 2014
After yesterday's glitch, which disrupted Alan Jones' OB from Glasgow and part of Ray Hadley's mornings show (see our earlier report), Jones received an email from 2GB's chief engineer explaining the situation.

This morning, an amused Jones read out the email to his listeners:

"I don't know what the Klotz frames are," said Alan, then went on to explain the frame reset that make the Klotz desk work again.

What do you do when the pips fail?

Tuesday 29 July, 2014
Gladys Knight never had problems with hers (ugh) but 2GB experienced some major equipment malfunctions this morning on Ray Hadley’s show. Even the pips leading up to the news weren’t working, so Ray, observing the credo that if you want a job done right then do it yourself, did his own pips.

​2GB sacks Michael Smith for calling Muhammad a paedophile

Sunday 29 June, 2014
The outspoken announcer told, You can't call a Deity a paedophile.
He was to fill in for Chris Smith’s Afternoon program while he went on holidays for three weeks from tomorrow. But, according to Smith’s website, on Friday, MRN and 2GB Program Director David Kidd called to tell him the deal was off, "We won't be needing you. You can't call a Deity a paedophile," he said.

Let us eat cake!

Tuesday 03 June, 2014

The others can eat humble pie.

Q: How much influence does Ray Hadley really have?

Monday 02 June, 2014
A: Enough to get himself on a “most influential” list.

Much to Ray’s horror, his name was omitted from a list of the supposed “40 most influential men in radio” compiled by an internet blog.

Displeased by this blatant snub, Ray used his top rating 2GB morning show to berate the author, who was himself an influential FM radio executive many years ago.

Ray was perplexed that he didn’t make the cut along with other Macquarie Radio Network identities, including executive chairman Russell Tate.

You showed us yours, we’ll show you ours: 2GB figures better

Thursday 27 February, 2014

This week we published online listening figures from 2SM, showing how John Laws' online listeners outnumber those of 2GB’s Ray Hadley.
And they do, by one measure. But that's only part of the story.

Hadley opens fire at Fairfax programmers

Wednesday 26 February, 2014
"They wouldn’t know quality talkback if it bit them on the ear," was how Ray Hadley described the executives and programmers at Fairfax Radio.

Returning to air today after time away to deal with his family issues, Hadley said reports that he and Alan Jones had scuttled a joint venture deal with Fairfax were wrong.

“No one from this radio network, or Fairfax for that matter, has ever spoken to me about this matter,"  he told his listeners.

​Lawsie still on top… at least online

Wednesday 26 February, 2014

Earlier in the week we published some numbers from 2SM that showed that John Laws was far and away the most listened to announcer in his time slot with people listening online – even eclipsing the formidable Ray Hadley who is by far and away the most popular morning announcer on traditional radio.
Some of 2SM’s rivals were so incredulous they asked us to do a recount. Which, we have. Hence, the story’s back up.

Ray Hadley settles out of court with Richard Palmer

Friday 31 January, 2014

Ray Hadley has paid Richard Palmer an undisclosed sum to settle a dispute over bullying.

Hadley settled the matter out of court, which means the abusive tirade Hadley unleashed on Palmer may now never become public.

Hadley abuse victim awarded $280,000

Thursday 19 December, 2013

A jury found Ray Hadley guilty of defaming the wife of a convicted sex offender, but the wait was on to find out what damages the court would award.

Today, acting Justice William Nicholas answered that question and awarded Kim Ahmed $280,000 in damages.


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