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Ray Hadley and Scott Morrison donate good book to good cause

Monday 02 November, 2015

In the category of “one day you’ll look back at this and laugh,” it seems that day has come for 2GB’s Ray Hadley and Scott Morrison

Ray Hadley lashes out on air

Wednesday 28 October, 2015
Not many announcers would be game enough to openly criticise decisions made by senior management on air, but that’s what Ray Hadley did last Thursday morning on 2GB, according to a report in The Australian. (subscription required)

Apparently management of Fairfax Radio has upset the MRN stars Alan Jones and Ray Hadley.

Alan and Ray get spray tans

Monday 19 October, 2015
Well known fashion icon Alan Jones describes to Ray Hadley how he stripped down to his underwear to receive his first ever spray tan.

WARNING: Some listeners may find some mental images disturbing.

Listen here.

It's back to court for Ray Hadley

Friday 25 September, 2015

2GB’s Ray Hadley is heading back to court.
According to the Daily Telegraph the wife of a man convicted of sexually assaulting a teenage employee at his fish and chip shop has lost the $280,000 awarded to her in damages against the broadcaster with the case heading back to court for a retrial.
A jury found Ray Hadley guilty of defaming the wife of a convicted sex offender and damages were awarded.

How to be a Shock Jock - secret revealed!

Monday 14 September, 2015
Opinion from Peter Saxon ;-)

Who wouldn’t want to be a Shock Jock?

After all, that’s where the real fame and fortune is made on radio. Nice jocks don’t necessarily come last but they don’t usually come first either.

You're wrong you half-wit... you know nothing about talk radio

Thursday 27 August, 2015
After yesterday getting an "offensive" ad removed from the Macquarie Radio Network, Ray Hadley today had another spray at the ad agency that created it, at the same time espousing his philosophy about commercial talkback radio.

The ad copy, created by agency Red Crayon, began with "ever wanted to tell dad to get routed," then went on to advertise UBD street directories as an ideal gift for Fathers Day.

Ray Hadley bites back at Mark Day

Wednesday 26 August, 2015
2GB's Ray Hadley has poured scorn on Mark Day for an article he wrote in May.

Hadley was not happy about being criticised by what he refers to as “a broadcasting failure.”

He said: “Mr Day doesn’t like me very much and it’s reciprocated.

MRN expands State of Origin coverage

Wednesday 27 May, 2015

2GB’s NRL Continuous Call Team, hosted by Ray HadleyDaryl “Big Marn” Brohman, Mark Levy and Mark “Piggy” Riddell, will broadcast the State of Origin game across MRN’s News Talk stations and regional stations in a network first.
The show kicks off at 7.00pm EST tonight, with the live game broadcast commencing at 8.10pm from ANZ Stadium at Sydney Olympic Park and concluding at 10.30pm.

4BC Brisbane announces new line-up

Tuesday 14 April, 2015

Following the news last week of 4BC's decision to sack on-air presenters, today the station has announced the new 4BC on-air line-up.

On Monday to Fridays, Breakfast will be hosted by Alan Jones, while Mornings will be hosted by Ray Hadley with both shows being networked from 2GB in Sydney.  


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