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New era for radio advertising as RadioMATRIX briefing portal goes live

Monday 02 November, 2020
The Australian commercial radio industry’s new industry-wide media briefing platform is now live and operational, ushering in a new and easier way to plan and buy radio advertising.
The briefing portal is a key part of the industry ad buying platform RadioMATRIX and allows media buyers to log in and brief multiple radio networks on their campaigns once through a single, cloud-based platform.

CRA unveils a new era in radio advertising

Tuesday 20 October, 2020

Commercial Radio Australia is aiming to transform the way audio advertising is bought and sold with the roll out of the briefings module of RadioMATRIX in two weeks time.

RadioMATRIX allows media buyers to connect with every commercial station on one powerful platform.
The briefings module, developed in conjunction with radio networks and media agencies, provides templates and tools that will drastically reduce the time it takes to create a brief. What once took hours can now be done in minutes.

Ad buying platform RadioMATRIX surpasses 1 billion milestone

Wednesday 05 February, 2020

The commercial radio industry’s advanced ad buying platform RadioMATRIX has processed more than 1 billion items of radio inventory since launch in October 2017, according to figures released by CRA.
RadioMATRIX allows buyers to easily connect with every commercial radio station on one powerful platform and is now being used by 190 media agencies to manage radio campaigns running across 360 stations.

The end for manual radio bookings?

Wednesday 11 October, 2017

The next step in the automated radio buying process across the radio and media industry in Australia is now live and operational.


"There are almost 7,000 new agency bookings each month that currently agencies and networks collectively spend 126,000 hours per year manually managing. AudioNET’s RadioMATRIX platform will see CRA stations reduce this to just a few minutes per day,” explained AudioNET chief executive officer, Dave Cox.​

Australia’s first automated radio holdings software

Thursday 04 August, 2016

AudioNET’s RadioMATRIX is now compatible with the two new traffic systems being adopted by most of Australia’s major radio Networks.

On Tuesday, AudioNET’s RadioMATRIX delivered files from ARN’s new Wide Orbit traffic software into media agencies’ booking and billing systems.

AudioNET CEO Dave Cox says once again, the teamwork and trust between ARN, Australia’s media agencies and RadioMATRIX ensured the changeover went smoothly.

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