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Radiodays Europe 2018

On social media, be as passionate as your audience #RDE18

Thursday 19 April, 2018
Now Unlocked.
“In the social media space you are competing against everybody. What you create has to be as good or better, otherwise you can damage your brand.”
Steve Ackerman, a social media specialist from the Somethin’ Else  Agency in the UK, told RadioDays that the best brands maintain a strong relationship with their audiences on social media. A two way relationship.
He shares tips and tricks for getting the most attention for your social media posts during his session.

Virgin Radio tops UAE survey thanks to Aussie help

Tuesday 27 March, 2018
Alex Agishev, known to some in Australia as Alex Dean, had been working at Best FM in Russia for several years and recently moved to Dubai as Content Director at the Arabian Radio Network’s Virgin Radio station.
Alex is the son of Russian parents and grew up in a Russian speaking household in Australia.

radioinfo caught up with him at RadioDays Vienna last week where he told us about the increasing number of Australians working for ARN UAE, and the innovations taking place at the network.

Radio CEO Summit #RDE18

Friday 23 March, 2018

A range of European Radio chiefs took to the stage during a RadioDays panel discussion to identify their top priorities in the coming year in their countries and to talk through issues they have in common.
Here are some of the points they raised:
Cilla Benko (pictured), Director General of Swedish Radio.
Linear listening is still important in Sweden, but we can see many changes coming.

High value promotional ideas #RDE18

Thursday 22 March, 2018

Great promotions play on your emotions and grab your attention.
They may also inspire you to dream of what you might do with a new house, car or a million dollars.
When thinking up a promo tactic, don’t start to plan your promotion based on the value of the prize. It doesn’t really matter what the value of the prize is, it is more important to start by creating a dream for your audience.

First listener survey results after Norway's digital switchover #RDE18

Wednesday 21 March, 2018

Only three months after FM was switched off in Norway, a listener survey (Digital Radio Survey, Kantar Media) shows the new digital stations have up to one third of all radio listening. 

Most radio listeners still tune into radio, and the new digital stations have shown strong growth. 

These are some of the findings presented by a group of Norwegian stakeholders at Radiodays Europe 2018, the radio industry's annual European assembly. A new report from the year of switchover can be viewed online at 

Big news for RadioDays: expanding into Asia, 2019 Europe venue

Wednesday 21 March, 2018

At the close of RadioDays Vienna, organiser Anders Held made two big announcements:

A RadioDays is being planned for Asia in August 2019


Next Year's RadioDays Europe will be in Lausanne Switzerland.

Details of exactly where in Asia the conference will be are still being kept under wraps, but potential speakers and exhibitors are being invited to contact RadioDays to get in early for the event.

30 ideas in 30 minutes at #RDE18

Wednesday 21 March, 2018

Six of the many speakers at RadioDays Europe were chosen to speed through five good ideas each on the second day of the conference in Vienna.
“Ideas you can steal and pretend they’re your own.”
Here are the speakers and their ideas:
Staxx Williams Z100 New York

The importance of Audio Branding #RDE18

Tuesday 20 March, 2018
What is driving the new found importance of audio?
There are a range of factors to answer this question according to Eardrum’s Ralph van Dijk, who was one of the opening presenters at RadioDays.
Life is increasingly busy, we are doing more and more things on the go. Audio is perfect for people to update news, be entertained or be informed while they are driving, working or doing something else.

Keeping pace with the digital giants #RDE18

Tuesday 20 March, 2018

A range of speakers at RadioDays have shared their thoughts about how radio can combat the growth of digital competitors.
There were no big new ideas, but there were plenty of smaller ideas and strategies that are being used around the world where radio is pushing itself into the digital realm, to make sure that the medium is not overlooked in the new digital media landscape.

Pure inspiration and imaging #RDE18

Tuesday 20 March, 2018

According to Matt Fisher, Lead Imaging Producer of BBC Radio in the UK, extraordinary imaging that defines your brand in every way and in the most original way is of utmost importance.

He explained the use of harmonic imaging: We changed the feel of the network by actively matching the musical key of the music and imaging?

So how did he go about it?


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