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What will radio be like in 2040? #RadioAsia2019

Thursday 31 October, 2019

In a plenary session on the future of radio at the Radio Asia conference in Bangladesh this week, Steve Ahern took a glimpse forward 20 years in a live audio simulation of the changes ahead.

Putting on a pair of wearable earbuds, a thin strip of plastic that attached to the ear lobe, Ahern explained that the vibrations from the wearables work like headphones, expect that they stimulate the ear canal to put sound directly into his head, and use skull cavity resonance to generate the bass sounds.

Stay in touch with your audience every day: Ryan Rathbone #RadioAsia2019

Wednesday 30 October, 2019

Ryan Rathbone, National Content Director of MediaWorks NZ’s Edge network gave tips on how to get great the best results for your radio station through winning strategies at this week's Radio Asia conference in Bangladesh..

One of Ryan’s tips is about low cost audience research:

Reply to audience emails, and when you do, ask them something about what they thought of the programs today. It is a simple way to get research from your listeners.

Deep fakes are coming

Tuesday 29 October, 2019
Manipulation of images and audio is becoming so sophisticated that it is producing chilling fakes with the potential to cause discontent and influence elections.

The phenomenon, produced with a combination of editing technology and artificial intelligence, is known as ‘deep fakes’ and is one of the biggest media disinformation trends this year.

Radio is the original and best social media: ABC's Andrea Ho #RadioAsia2019

Tuesday 29 October, 2019

Discussing the ever evolving medium of radio at this week's Radio Asia conference in Bangladesh, the ABC's Andrea Ho reminded delegates that radio was the first social medium and, if used well, is able to challenge the new social media of today.

“Humans are hard wired to talk. We talk to share. Sharing is at the heart of society.

“Radio with talkback was the first social medium,” she said.

Andrea Ho reminded participants that radio was first in its use of talkback, something to be remembered as radio takes on the new social media platforms.

Delight the audience with surprises: Paul Amos and Ronnie Stanton #RadioAsia

Tuesday 10 July, 2018

During a format workshop at the Radio Asia conference in Kazakhstan, Paul Amos and Ronnie Stanton shared tips for tuning your format to best serve your audience.

Comparing music radio formats with music streaming services, Paul Amos from Xtra Insights addressed the question of whether services such as Spotify are now overtaking music radio formats.

Kinderling: Built for kids and their grown ups #RadioAsia2017

Thursday 27 April, 2017

“Kinderling has been successful because it creates a community of interest,” Evan Kaldor told the Radio Asia conference in Bangkok, relating the success story of his kids radio station, which is heard on digital radio in Australia.

Parenting has changed, and parents these days are in need of advice and support, which is provided by Kinderling.

“New parents are sleep deprived, there are many more single parents…

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