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Government will not consider further action on copyright dispute for now

Wednesday 05 March, 2014

Steve Owens lives in Newcastle and works 100 metres from the KO and NX FM studios in Charlestown. But he can’t get good reception, so he listens online. At least he did until Australia’s commercial stations stopped streaming.
So he wrote to the Minister about it, and received what he calls a “bull s**t political reply,” which he has shared with radioinfo.
The 68 year old former radio announcer now works as a Real Estate Valuer, out of his home office and listens to the radio while he works.

PPCA boss on song, but deaf to Radio's tune

Monday 17 February, 2014

Opinion from Peter Saxon

To PPCA boss Dan Rosen’s credit he was quick to accept radioinfo’s request for an interview, despite the risk that like a Labor politician on the Alan Jones show, he could be on a hiding to nothing.

He needn’t have worried, we weren’t out to “get him.” We just wanted to find out whether he had any understanding or even sympathy for the commercial radio industry’s position in the current dispute and whether there might be some common ground.

PPCA and CRA still at loggerheads after Tribunal hearing

Thursday 13 February, 2014

Grant Broadcasting's executive director Grant Cameron, has told Radio National the extra cost to his company would be more than $1 million a year for the company's 51 stations around Australia.

The record companies, represented by the PPCA this week applied in the Copyright Tribunal for a timetable to pursue a final scheme for exact online simulcast of free to air radio broadcasts.

The final hearing date has been set for March 2015.

CRA and PPCA back to Tribunal

Thursday 13 February, 2014

The ongoing and increasingly bitter dispute between the PPCA and the Radio industry is back in the Copyright Tribunal today.

As reported previously on radioinfo, the dispute has led to regional operators pulling the internet streaming of their local programming.

​CRA says letter from Minister is old news

Monday 10 February, 2014

A story published in today’s Australian Financial Review to bring readers up to speed with the PPCA copyright dispute, due at the Copyright Tribunal this week, referred to a letter from Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull to regional MPs.

Many MPs had contacted Mr Turnbull for guidance after fielding complaints from constituents that their local station had been forced to shut down internet streaming.

SCA regional stations continue streaming... sort of

Thursday 06 February, 2014
Southern Cross Austereo has found a loophole in the PPCA streaming dispute.
With such a large network, SCA has the ability to leverage its metro streams across its more than 70 regional stations, so that regional listeners can at least hear some content on the regional station streams.

We do not believe they should charge broadcasters twice: ABC

Thursday 06 February, 2014

There has been a lot of discussion on the PPCA streaming dispute, but the ABC has been quiet on the subject… until now.
radioinfo asked ABC Radio’s Head of Industry Policy & Strategy Jane Connors about the national broadcaster’s position on the current dispute.
While not involved in the current proceedings before the Copyright Tribunal, the ABC is “nonetheless watching the case carefully.”

​Community broadcasters opt to keep streaming, but don’t expect to pay extra

Tuesday 04 February, 2014

The Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA) has distanced itself from the decision by commercial radio operators to cease streaming their simulcasts of local radio programs in regional markets.

In a communiqué to its members the CBAA stated: This action taken by some regional commercial broadcasters has no bearing on discussions between the community broadcasting sector and the PPCA. Community broadcasters should continue to simulcast online via their current streaming services.

No streaming due to record company greed

Tuesday 04 February, 2014

As reported previously on radioinfo, regional radio across Australia has pulled the pin on streaming their local programming through their websites.

This is in response to a claim by the PPCA seeking additional rights fees for the music played.

PPCA needs to find a new business model

Tuesday 04 February, 2014

Opinion from Peter Saxon. Open and fair-minded person that I am, I was prepared to carefully consider the PPCA’s written response to regional radio’s shutdown of internet streaming over the weekend. But it lost me from the very first sentence: The Phonographic Performance Company of Australian (PPCA) regrets that Commercial Radio Australia (CRA) has chosen to deprive regional listeners of local programming…

Like they care.


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