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Community radio is truly local, with voices by your siblings, relatives and neighbours #CBAAConf

Friday 25 October, 2019
Speaking at the opening of the CBAA Conference today, President Philip Randall told delegates about the consolidation of media and the importance of community broadcasting.

“Media is consolidating, these changes present community broadcasters with great challenges and opportunities.

“Community radio is truely local, with voices by your siblings, relatives and neighbours. It reflects your local identity.”

“A healthy democracy cannot function without a free media,”
he said, discussing the current campaign for media freedom.

Recognition of the important work you do: Communications Minister Fifield #CBAAConf

Friday 10 November, 2017
In a recorded address to the CBAA Conference, Communications Minister Mitch Fifield recognised the "thousands of dedicated volunteers across the country" who work in the community radio sector.

"The Turnbull government is a very strong supporter of the community broadcasting sector... We have increased investment in community radio by $6.1 million over the next two years. This additional support os recognition of the important work community broadcasters do across Australia.

Community radio producing more local content and diversity than other stations CBAA tells Senate Inquiry

Tuesday 22 August, 2017
Community Broadcasting Association CEO Jon Bisset has told the Senate Inquiry into Public Interest Journalism, "community radio is producing more local content compared to other sectors... we play more local music and support a greater diversity."

"With the likely reduction of media ownership, community services are going to get more important as time goes on."

We should not fear change: Philip Randall at #CBAAConf

Friday 11 November, 2016
"The increased pace of change is something that we are all grappelling with," said CBAA President Philip Randal opening today's conference in Melbourne.

"How we naviagte the opportunities change brings will determine how our sector progresses.

"We can give voice to our communities."

5.2 million people now listen to community radio around Australia, according to the latest McNair survey figures.


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