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Peter Saxon Comment

Should radio news be read in English?

Monday 18 July, 2016

Opinion from Peter Saxon

Every now and again we receive a misdirected email of complaint from a radio listener, labouring under the misapprehension that radioinfo is a radio station.

Last Friday’s email from “Lucy” is a case in point.


How to be a Shock Jock - secret revealed!

Monday 14 September, 2015
Opinion from Peter Saxon ;-)

Who wouldn’t want to be a Shock Jock?

After all, that’s where the real fame and fortune is made on radio. Nice jocks don’t necessarily come last but they don’t usually come first either.

Radio people are never sacked they just pursue personal interests

Tuesday 08 October, 2013

Opinion from Peter Saxon

These days it’s not all that often in radio (or most other businesses, for that matter) that someone is publicly fired. And if they are officially dismissed, it’s for something so contemptuous that police are called in to take them away in handcuffs.


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