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Nova 96.9’s Sarah McGilvray announces her engagement

Monday 17 June, 2019
Nova 96.9’s Sarah McGilvray, host on Fitzy & Wippa, announced that she is engaged to her long-term partner, James (or ‘Gary’ as he is known on air)
Last Friday, Wippa, who is an old friend of ‘Gary’ said he was taking Tommy and Sarah for a long lunch at Rockpool in Melbourne.
When Sarah got to the restaurant, she was led through to a table for two where ‘Gary’ was waiting, and her first question was why there were only two placemats and what about Wippa and Tommy?

Tommy goes off as Boyle to celebrate 10 years at Nova

Friday 31 May, 2019
To celebrate his 10th year at Nova, Fitzy & Wippa and the team had their producer, Tommy, recreate something special from 2009.

It’s the year Barack Obama is sworn in as US President, Michael Jackson dies and Susan Boyle wows viewers on Britain’s Got Talent.

Fitzy & Wippa resurrect ‘Bring it Back’ and Tommy tries his hand at recreating Susan Boyles performance.

The MAFS Rap Battle

Friday 05 April, 2019
Nova 96.9's Fitzy & Wippa held a MAFS dinner party last night at Studio Sydney Tower, in Sydney’s Iconic Centrepoint tower.
It was an intimate event with 50 guests, a mixture of listeners and their MAFS favourites, Ning, Cam & Jules, Jessika & Dan, Mike, Billy & Melissa.
There was a Q&A session with the MAFS participants and there was a ‘Honesty Box’ set up in the room where guests put their questions in for the stars – it made for a colourful segment.

Political dudes engage in rap battle

Sunday 03 February, 2019

Nova takes its news seriously. Just ask Fitzy and Wippa's breakfast newsreader Matt de Groot.

Adam Spencer's secret weapon for Rap Up of the Week

Friday 23 November, 2018
Comedian Adam Spencer took a secret weapon to Nova96.9 to take on Fitzy for the Rap Up of the Week.
While Adam made maths sound cool by rapping with numbers which will probably go over your head, his 10 year old daughter, Olivia, was the star this morning.


The PM invites Fitzy & Wippa to play in his backyard

Wednesday 07 November, 2018
The last time the Prime Minister joined the Fitzy & Wippa on air they asked if they could hold a game of backyard cricket at his place.
Scomo has called the show and announced that the boys could hold their charity game of Back Yard cricket at Kirribilli House on Fri Nov 23, and, in a captains call,  he will play along with some greats of the game and celebrities who love cricket (to be announced).

Fitzy & Wippa channel some Bob Dylan, then rap with Horn and Tuivasa

Friday 12 October, 2018
This morning on Nova 969, Fitzy & Wippa got their Bob Dylan on, with a little help from their special guest, Marcus from Mumford & Sons.

And, as sometimes happens, it didn't quite go to script as expected.

Fitzy, Wippa, Scomo and strawberries

Friday 21 September, 2018
Fitzy & Wippa had PM, Scott Morrison, on Nova 96.9 this morning, eating strawberries and suggesting everyone makes a pavlova this weekend, and include banana’s and kiwi fruit as well as strawberries, then upload pictures to social media #SCOMOSPAV.
The PM also spoke about talking to US President, Donald Trump, the colloquialisms of different heads of state, and the Sharks chances tonight.


Fitzy and his wife BeeJay in marital rap

Friday 02 June, 2017

NOVA's Fitzy and his wife BeeJay went head-to-head in Rap Of The Week this morning.

It was all about showing off their rhythm and rhyming talents.

Watch to see who won here:


Fitzy lets Wippa know winter is coming

Thursday 01 June, 2017
On NOVA 96.9 Fitzy's season changing antics on Wippa have continued with Game of Throne’s reference ‘Winter is coming'.

Watch here:



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