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Grant Broadcasters hiring more journalists: Alison Cameron

Friday 14 May, 2021

radioinfo continues the conversation with the CEO of Grant Broadcasters, Alison Cameron.

ABC's Philip Williams retires

Wednesday 28 April, 2021

After 46 years working for the ABC, radio and tv reporter Philip Williams has decided to retire.

Beginning as a junior stage hand at the ABC's Northbourne Ave studios in Canberra in 1975, Williams moved across to the News Department and has had an illiustrious career since then.

Covid clot warning: Media blaming or sensible advice?

Saturday 17 April, 2021

Health experts have warned the media to be cautious about reporting links between blood clots and the covid vaccines.

Thirst for news continues: Nielsen research

Saturday 12 December, 2020

Australians' thirst for online news has soared this year, with Nielsen Research showing continuous increases in news consumption across all media.

It is consistent with the research about radio consumption on digital platforms during the pandemic, which has also grown.

News consumption hours in 2020 increased significantly compared to last year.

Local news is a hook for people to listen: Ian Cole CBAA Conference

Wednesday 28 October, 2020

Two years ago, Bourke community station 2WEB saved the local newspaper from closure and now operates The Western Herald along with its radio station.

Chairman Ian Cole told the CBAA Conference that local news has become more important that ever as other media companies pull away from local reporting.

ABC News strategy expands to digital despite cuts: Gaven Morris

Thursday 02 July, 2020

“Nothing has been left untouched.”

The ABC’s Director of News Gaven Morris explains the strategy behind the recent cut to the 0745 radio news.

In a detailed interview with Steve Ahern, Morris says there is a bigger picture than just cutting a bulletin, the change is part of the rebalancing of priorities to better serve digital audio services, as well as broadcast radio.

Newsroom challenges during the COVID pandemic

Wednesday 24 June, 2020

During times of crisis, such as the Corona Virus pandemic, News content gains heightened awareness as listeners lean-in to hear details about the threats to health, number of cases, border closures and movement restrictions.

News listening has increased during the pandemic, the content of bulletins has changed, and there are also implications for advertisers. Steve Ahern examines recent research on the issues facing newsrooms during the pandemic.


Trusted news brands revealed in Reuters Institute study

Monday 22 June, 2020

ABC TV and Radio are the most used news brands in Australia, according to this year's annual Reuters Institute digital news report.

The international study reports news attitudes and consumption around the world.

For TV, Radio and Print, ABC's combined weekly usage is 41% of the Australian population, followed by commercial tv channels 7, 9 then 10.

Regional and local newspapers (combined together) are the next most used category, followed by SBS.

The picture is wrong, we are leaving out some important aspects of news: Ulrik Haagerup, Constructing Tomorrow's News

Tuesday 10 March, 2020
Ulrik Haagerup, Founder and CEO of the Constructive Institute for journalism is the keynote speaker today at a Judith Nielsen Institute function titled Constructing Tomorrow's News.

Haagerup is known for his new approach to journalism, which encourages publishers to tell all sides of the story, including solutions and the positive angles.

Community broadcasting sector expands news services and hires Canberra correspondent #CBAAConf

Friday 25 October, 2019

At the CBAA Conference Abe Killian and Ian Gunn introduced the Collaborative News Network for community broadcasters.

The new system, funded by a special government grant, will link community radio stations with newsrooms together to share content, and will offer the combined content of the community sector’s news activities to smaller stations which do not have the resrouces to make their own bulletins.

“If we share our work we can use the slim resources we have to make better bulletins and increase your audience,” said Killian.


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