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The free multilingual news service on COVID 19 will continue twice a week

Sunday 05 July, 2020

The NEMBC Multilingual News Service about COVID 19 will continue as a report available twice a week.

No Gangsters in Paradise wins Walkley Award

Wednesday 17 June, 2020

In a virtual ceremony, due to the Corona Virus, the Mid Year Walkley Awards were held tonight.

The mid-year celebration entries are peer-judged and winners are selected on the basis of journalistic excellence. All the entries shine a light on great Australian journalism in their categories.

Mahmood Fazal and Rebecca Metcalf won the Media Diversity Australia award for their podcast “No Gangsters in Paradise

Multicultural AFL coverage is back for the 2020 season restart

Wednesday 10 June, 2020

Community Radio presenters take to Television and Radio in a unique collaboration to present NEMBC MEDIA’s weekly Multicultural AFL TV Panel Show, radio podcasts and the 8 language AFL diversity newscasts covering the AFL’s 21 week 2020 season.

The Antenna Award finalist and winner of the CBAA’s Best Online Content, the Multicultural AFL Football TV Panel Show and radio podcast is back for the restart of the footy season with over 1 million listeners /viewers.

NEMBC starts national news service for multicultural communities during the COVID-19 crisis

Tuesday 05 May, 2020

NEMBC MEDIA has started a National Multilingual News Service (MNS) and is producing daily news bulletins in 6 languages with plans for expansion
Currently the service is in Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, Punjabi, Pacific Islander English and Mandarin with plans to include Indonesian, Vietnamese and an Asian English program this week.

Important disability information will reach refugee and humanitarian communities via a new radio campaign

Tuesday 21 April, 2020

The National Ethnic Disability Alliance has partnered with the National Disability Insurance Agency  to launch a new radio project.
The Community Radio Engagement Project was introduced after new data revealed that despite the high level of disability needs within the refugee and humanitarian entrants’ communities, the access rate to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) remains relatively low.
The Radio Project will run for 12 weeks and aim to: 

NEMBC proposes a national multicultural news service

Friday 03 April, 2020

The National Ethnic and Multicultural Broadcasters Council (NEMBC) is seeking support and funding from Government and non-Government sources to establish a Multilingual News Service (MNS) for ethnic community radio.
NEMBC Executive Officer Russell Anderson says, “The NEMBC is concerned that non-English speaking people during this coronavirus pandemic are not receiving the necessary news and health information that is important to containing this pandemic.”

NEMBC make COVID19 csa's available in 44 languages

Tuesday 31 March, 2020

The NEMBC is making a number of CSA’s on COVID-19 available to ethnic radio and community broadcasters in 44 languages.
Executive Ofifcer of the NEMBC, Russell Anderson, says, “Thanks to the Queensland Government and 4EB Brisbane’s full-time ethnic station the NEMBC can make available audio Community Service Announcements (CSA's) in 44 different languages.”

NEMBC gears up for another AFL season

Wednesday 18 March, 2020

The NEMBC’s Multicultural AFL Football Radio and TV show is gearing up for its third year.
Despite the on-going pandemic crisis and subject to the AFL still playing games to empty stadiums, they are planning podcasts, telecasts and AFL News reports in 8 languages to be available Thursday morning as per usual through their drop-box.

NEMBC asks the government for $3.4M

Wednesday 05 February, 2020

The NEMBC submitted a request to the Commonwealth Government’s 2020-21 Budget Review for $3.4 million.
The submission focused on three new areas of investment aimed at driving sector growth for ethnic community broadcasting: 

NEMBC award winners for 2019

Tuesday 03 December, 2019

The NEMBC Broadcasting Awards, recognising excellence in the ethnic community broadcasting sector, were presented at a Gala Dinner as part of the 2019 NEMBC National Conference.
2019 NEMBC Awards Winners
2019 Community Engagement - Metro Station
2019 Community Engagement - Regional Station
The Pulse, Geelong
 2019 Tony Manicaros Award


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