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AM/FM Radio finding a new place in the audio landscape: Pandora research

Wednesday 18 October, 2017

A study of American audio consumption by music streaming service Pandora has, not unexpectedly, talked up the growth of music streaming and podcasting, but has also acknowledged that traditional analog broadcast radio is still strong, but is "finding a new place in the audio landscape."

In Australia, where the radio industry is stronger than in America, Pandora recently closed down its local operations and disabled its mobile app.

The report says:

Radio's resiliance is weakening: American study

Thursday 31 August, 2017
Radio has been historically resilient when confronted with new competitive technology, but "that resilience is weakening," according to a report compiled by Larry Miller of New York University's Business Program.

Streaming now provides record labels the majority of their revenue, as well as directly impacting the Billboard Hot 100 chart. 

Radio is now less of a tastemaker and more of a validator of the biggest hits often discovered on streaming music platforms.

Youtube doesn't pay content creators enough: Jon Taplin #AusContentConvo

Wednesday 17 May, 2017
Youtube is the world’s biggest music streaming platform, but they don’t pay content creators enough, according to Professor Jonathan Taplin, speaking at today’s ACMA Content Conversation.

Youtube hosts 85 million songs, according to the Annenberg University professor from America, who says that more than 50% of the world's music streaming content is consumed via Youtube. However, he says Youtube pays only a fraction of the money to artists that other services do.

Radio listening strong in cars, podcast listening up: Infinite Dial research

Sunday 19 March, 2017
Radio is still the dominant medium for listening to audio in cars, followed by CDs then our own digital music collection, according to the latest Edison/Triton Infinite Dial research.

The next three sources of audio listening in cars are: online radio, satellite radio and podcasts.

Out of the car, podcast listening has increased, especially in the home. About 42 million Americans were estimated to have listened to a podcast in the past week, 15% of the population. 

Spotify UK's 'best year ever'

Thursday 20 October, 2016

Spotify UK has filed its annual company return, revealing some of its European revenue sources.

Company Director Barry McCarthy said: "2015 was a big year for Spotify... in many ways it was our best year ever."

He said the company has become the "number one pure play music service."

Total revenue increased from £ 159 million to £ 187 million, due mainly to increasing subscriptions.

He notes that the majority of new users of the service are now signing up on mobules not desktops.

Streaming services over-hyped Tony Kendall tells ABC TV

Thursday 20 October, 2016
Since releasing the latest research on the strength of radio compared with new digital competitors at the CRA Conference earlier this month, ARN CEO Tony Kendall has been on the front foot, putting the case for radio.
Yesterday he was interviewed on ABC TV’s The Business, telling reporter Andy Robertson:

Pandora launches iMessage extension

Tuesday 18 October, 2016

Pandora has become the first music streaming company to launch its own iMessage extension, allowing users to send tracks to their friends within the iMessage app.

Pandora's iMessage extension on Apple's iOS 10 lets you text your favourite music, within the Pandora app.

Available in the AppStore for iMessage, Pandora's new sharing feature is bringing a collaborative and fun way to play, discover and interact with music directly in your iMessage chat threads.

Spotify makes $2 billion but fails to turn a profit

Wednesday 25 May, 2016

It may be the biggest music streaming company in the world but while Spotify's revenue has increased by 80%, it remains in the red.
Spotify made $2 billion in revenue, almost twice the growth rate that the company saw in 2014, and while it’s a leader in on-line music streaming, Spotify has never turned a profit.

The next radio revolution

Wednesday 09 September, 2015

The BBC's latest policy document, published as part of the British national broadcaster's charter review, foreshadows a strategy for radio that will give the audience more control of what they hear, in an effort to get radio back into people's pockets via smart mobile devices.

Tipping point for streaming music industry

Monday 24 August, 2015

Renting music is becoming more popular.
As music streaming services move into the mainstream, they are changing consumer habits and disrupting the traditional music industry business models. This trend has been evident for a while, but new figures show that the industry is reaching a tipping point.
Steve Ahern analyses the latest SNL Kagan report Economics of Mobile Music and looks at the implications for the radio industry.


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