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The radio listener journey: Xtra Research

Monday 09 December, 2019

A recent research project conducted by Xtra Insights of close to 3000 people aged 16-39 around the Asia-Pacific region uncovered four distinct radio listener groups.

Although each group was comprised of several defining characteristics, when observing the radio listener journey for each group across their different life stages, there are a few trends occurring.

The Four Radio Listener Types: Xtra Insights

Thursday 28 November, 2019

Recently, Xtra Insights interviewed close to 3000 participants across eight countries in the Asia-Pacific region to understand people’s views on music, radio, as well as their general audio consumption habits.

This project focused specifically on people aged 16-39, as this group are considered to be the future of radio, not to mention the perception that the youngest of this demographic isn’t as radio friendly as previous generations.

This study was also an opportunity to gain a better understanding of peoples’ motivations for listening to radio.

One from the Programmers: Radio now and in the future

Sunday 17 November, 2019

The third in a series of music research articles from Xtra Insights.

The new era of audio and media consumption

Friday 08 November, 2019
This is the second in a series of six music research articles for radioinfo from Xtra Insights.

Is music still the bricks of radio's format?

Wednesday 06 November, 2019

In the first of a series of research articles from Xtra Insights, exploring The Future of Music on Radio, Hannah Lovegrove explores listener attitudes to music and content in Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

There was once a time when FM radio used to be all about the music.

Other content offerings like talk, news, weather and traffic updates, and advertisements were purely secondary, or the domain of AM.

Radio still really matters for listening, gigs and discovery: VMDO Study

Friday 05 July, 2019

Over half of Australia’s population listen most to pop music, according to a study just released by the Victorian Music Development Office.
The results are from an online survey of 2,025 Australians, with fieldwork completed in early June 2019. The survey captured people from all states, comprising of 525 from VIC, 580 from NSW, 411 from QLD, 200 from WA and a further 309 from the rest of Australia.

NSW Labor party promises $1 million for community radio as election nears

Saturday 16 February, 2019

As part of its Music Policy, the NSW Labor party has included a pledge to fund music and youth projects on community radio.

2Day FM has refreshed more than three quarters of its playlist

Wednesday 31 January, 2018

2Day FM has refreshed more than three quarters of its playlist in the music repositioning it has undertaken this year.

Record breaking royalties year for Australian artists

Wednesday 04 October, 2017

Australian singer/songwriters have seen a bumper year for royalties, with record royalty collections driven by exponential streaming growth, and royalty payments increasing by 17.7% on last year.

Of the $386.6M in revenue, digital royalties contributed $110.3m, an increase of $42.5m on the previous year.  

2SER Acting Music Director's dilemma with EP release

Sunday 10 September, 2017
2SER’s acting music director Daniel Ahern avoided the dilemma of whether to program his own music on the station last week, when his first EP was released by Future Classic.
“I didn’t want to make that decision, so I asked Andrew Khedoori to decide whether it should be on 2SER’s playlist before he went on leave. He said yes,” explains Ahern to radioinfo.


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