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Why ANZAC Day's special in WA

Wednesday 21 April, 2021

ANZAC Day has a special place in the heart of Triple M’s Mick Molloy who has partnered with Soldier On for the past several years now to present a network broadcast.

Mick Molloy gets a Bartlett

Friday 19 March, 2021
Triple M’s Mick Molloy has revealed his Kevin Bartlett haircut after following through on a bet he made prior to last year’s AFL Grand Final.
Mick, who is a passionate Richmond supporter, made the bet with his Front Bar co-hosts, pledging to get a haircut in the style Bartlett’s well-known comb-over from his playing days.

Jane Kennedy's emotional farewell to Triple M and Mick Molloy

Wednesday 20 January, 2021

Jane Kennedy bid an emotional farewell on Triple M’s Kennedy Molloy, telling Mick Molloy that she “…will of course drop in” and that they will work together gain.

It's Ten years for the Hot Breakfast on Triple M

Thursday 05 September, 2019
Triple M’s Hot Breakfast celebrates a decade onair this week having started on September 8, 2009 with Eddie McGuire, Luke Darcy, Tony Moclair and Mieke Buchan.
The breakfast radio show forged new ground with a clever, almost talkback radio show alongside Triple M’s unmistakable FM heritage of sport, rock music and comedy.
In 2011 Mick Molloy joined the team and was replaced by Wil Anderson in 2017.

Wil Anderson joins Triple M's Hot Breakfast team

Friday 22 September, 2017
Melbourne's best ... or worst kept secret - depends on how you look at it and who you know - has been revealed.

Hot Breakfast team - all to be revealed soon!

Thursday 21 September, 2017

UPDATE: Wil Anderson replaces Molloy

The question on Melbournian lips: WHO will replace Mick Molloy on Triple M's Hot Breakfast looks set to be revealed soon.

Wil Anderson partner Eddie McGuire on Triple M’s Hot Breakfast?

Sunday 10 September, 2017

With Mick Molloy’s move to Triple M’s National Drive show, comedian Will Anderson is strongly tipped to fill the gap on Melbourne’s Hot Breakfast.

Going to too much trouble

Wednesday 03 August, 2016

Craig Bruce

There’s nothing more unnerving than when you hear that breakfast show on another station you’re competing against and in the pit of your stomach you can hear very clearly the amount of effort they’re making with their content.

In this week’s episode of Game Changers, Tony Martin talks about "going to too much trouble".

When he’s competing against you, he’s that pain in the arse host who will work all day and all night until he’s got exactly the right outcome for his show.

That’s not fighting fair is it?

Fast thinker, brilliant story teller - Mick Molloy. Game Changers: Radio

Sunday 15 May, 2016
Mick Molloy’s been on and off Triple M for more than quarter of a century.

It began with The D-Generation in 1990. About the same time, he teamed up with Tony Martin for a show called Bulltwang which was the forerunner to the hugely successful Martin Molloy National Drive show. that went from 1995 - 1998.

Then in 2004, it was Tough Love with Mick Molloy.

Mick Molloy's Anzac Day Radio Special For Soldier On

Sunday 24 April, 2016

Triple M’s Mick Molloy pays tribute to those who have fought in our uniform and in our name across the Triple M network.


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