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Please don’t use my name and face for cheesy radio stunts: Meshel Laurie

Monday 08 January, 2018

KIIS Melbourne's new breakfast team, the 'always awkward' Jase and PJ  began their first show today in keeping with their slogan.

They invited the new drive team on air with them and posed for social media photos holding and wearing merchandise for the previous breakfast hosts, Matt and Meshel, with the headline "classic stitch up."

ARN keeping mum about KIIS overhaul

Sunday 08 October, 2017

With the sudden departure of Melbourne Content Director Sam Thompson earlier in the week, the rumour mill has gone ballistic about major changes to KIIS. 

Matt & Meshel’s Million Dollar Docket up for grabs at Chemist Warehouse

Friday 18 August, 2017

KIIS 101.1 and Chemist Warehouse are giving listeners the chance to shop their way to win Matt & Meshel’s Million Dollar Docket.
Someone in Melbourne could see their life change by selecting an item in Chemist Warehouse Chadstone’s dedicated fragrance aisle that could be worth one million dollars.

Nude in the studio on Melbourne's coldest morning this year

Thursday 04 May, 2017
Things got very awkward very quickly on Melbourne's KIIS101.1 Matt & Meshel show this morning when two strangers stripped bare in studio in the city's first ever 'Naked Dating' segment.

Ooops! Ads for KIIS appear on FOX website

Sunday 12 February, 2017

Perhaps it was a case of problematic programmatic.

Last week an eagle eyed reader spotted the anomaly on the FOX website. The ad at the top was for the rival Breakfast show on KIIS101.1


Meshel labels Eddie "a pig"

Monday 20 June, 2016
KIIS 101.1, Meshel Laurie has said Eddie McGuire should not be allowed to broadcast on air, following his comments about Caroline Wilson being drowned in support of the Freeze for MND last week where he said: “I reckon we should start the campaign for a one person slide next year, Caroline Wilson, and I’ll put in $10,000 straight away, make it $20,000, and if she stays under, $50,000”.

One of the other commentators responded by saying he’d “hold her under”.

Matt & Meshel's 10 Grand Jury kicks off

Wednesday 27 April, 2016
KIIS 101.1 with Matt & Meshel have launched a social experiment like no other.
Six people are locked in a jury room, with $10,000 on the table, and all they need to do is reach a unanimous decision as to who gets the lot, while the rest leave with nothing.

Matt & Meshel grant three wishes

Thursday 21 April, 2016
Matt & Meshel did a KIIS IT BETTER this morning, a regular segment where they help out someone in the community.
This morning Tanya and her 8-year-old daughter Jocelyn came into the studio.

Tim and Elizabeth divorce thanks to KIIS 101

Wednesday 16 March, 2016
You may remember Melbourne KIIS 101.1 with Matt & Meshel, announced recently they would be giving away a divorce.
This has been generated by Meshel’s own recent experience with divorce, which she’s been very candid about on air.
The competition is designed to create content that opens dialogue on how listeners deal with break ups, separation and divorce – and help those who have ended their relationship but are unsure how to navigate the next stages.

Cardinal Pell slams campaign but "everyone who works with Meshel is extremely proud"

Thursday 18 February, 2016
song by comedian Tim Minchin has been slammed by Cardinal George Pell, arguing it contains incorrect information.
Come Home (Cardinal Pell), which has been added to Triple M’s playlist calls on the Cardinal, who is too ill to fly, to come back to Australia from Rome to give evidence at a royal commission into child sex abuse.


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